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Fire Becomes Her

I’ve been meaning to read Fire Becomes Her for awhile but I finally got the hardback copy and I’m glad I did. This is one book I want to have a hard copy of the author has said inspirations were drawn from the 2016 Presidential Election, but as much as this is a story about politics and power, it is ultimately a story about love.


Ingrid Ellis thinks she know what she wants knows who she loves. She wants power and she’s going to find it on the arm of Linden Holt, the man she love, or does she, but she has no background monetary or magical and Linden’s father won’t acknowledge her and will never approve of her hoped for marriage to Linden

Unless she agrees to spy for the other side.

Gwendolyn Meyers, Holt’s opponent is everything Ingrid wishes she could be, independent. She speaks her mind shares her love with another woman. Gwendolyn and her staffers show Ingrid a different kind of love and family than she could have ever imagined. Then there is Alex, a friend at first until Ingrid could see him as something more.

But there is fire on the horizon, and it’s coming for the Meyers campaign when a fire rocks the Presidential Ball and soon after Ingrid’s secret is revealed. She soon finds herself going back where it all started and working with someone who could make things equal for everyone if only they can make things work.

With a lot of hope and a chance for forgiveness Ingrid is about to face down one of the most powerful men in the country by herself? Will the truth prevail?

Review of Fire Becomes Her

This book was engaging from the first page because at first you don’t want to like Ingrid. But that’s because Ingrid doesn’t want to like Ingrid, as the book goes on and Ingrid sees more of love and learn more about what love can be and the many ways it can be expressed she becomes happier and more comfortable especially when it comes to her relationships with Linden and Alex.

I love the different identities represented in this book this is great and I really want to read more of Rosiee Thor’s work.

Amazon: Fire Becomes Her

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The High Priestess

The High Priestess is one of the strongest female energies in the whole entire deck. This card is about secrets, she knows about your inner mysteries and maybe the stuff you aren’t willing to face. When this card comes up in a reading think about reexamining those secrets before they come up at a time you don’t want them to. The high priestess knows your secrets but she cares about you too she wants you to be as open as possible.

  1. Aquicorn Cove


Aqicorn Cove was all about strong female energies and secrets, from the secrets about Lana’s mother, to her aunt as well as the underwater priestess. To the secret Aqicorn Lana helps raise this piece is all about female energy/nurturing and the connection to nature as well as the need to bring out secrets for the good of the family and town.

Amazon: Aquicorn Cove

2) The Goddess in the Machine


This is another one about female power and secrets. Though the implications for this are a bit darker maybe a reverse reading of the High Priestess. We have both female heroes and villains here both with a lot of secrets a supposedly a lot of power, then there is even a female Darkhorse of a character. I think this group could use the High Priestess in a card reading to explore all the secrets they are having to deal with.

Amazon: Goddess In the Machine

3) The Nightmare Thief


Another one with a female hero and villain and secrets. Maren Partridge works at her family’s dream shop, she makes a mistake and then is blackmailed by an evil villain who has her make nightmares.

With her family with power she is able to stop the villain and with her family by her side she is able to make things right, but not before a few secrets are kept, worries felt and power is shifted from different women in power.



Art Credit to Sami Martin and Marisa De La Pina and How to Deal

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The 2021 Good News Tag

I got tagged in the 2021 Good News Book tag by Corner of Laura. While my personal 2021 was a lot of recovery from a broken ankle, I did manage to read a good deal, perhaps because I didn’t have many other options when it came to what to do. However the tag wanted to show that good things happened in 2021.

1)Gay marriage was legalized in Switzerland: A book with LGBT characters who live happily ever after.

One of my favorite books of with an LGBT happily ever after was Sweet and Bitter Magic.

Amazon: Sweet and Bitter Magic

2)Giant Pandas are no longer classed as Endangered: A book with a fantastic animal companion

Maddie’s dog when she is left behind is one of the few things that gets her through, the dog protects her and provides her company throughout the book. If anyone is a great animal companion it’s this dog.

Amazon: Alone

3) Studies show that the HPV vaccine has cut cervical cancer rates by almost 90%: A book where science plays a big part

This Mortal Coil

This whole trio of books made me think about the possibilities of science. Even though it was basically a piece about plagues ala a zombie book. Plus wasn’t last year what a time to read it. It had many deep insights into identity, and scarified in a plague situation.

Amazon: This Mortal Coil

4) Josephine Baker became the first black woman to be inducted into the Pantheon in Paris: A book that celebrates Black culture

Skin of the Sea

This wonderful fantasy celebrates African culture and African deities, it is very good, so good I just ordered it’s sequel. Which I’ve been grumbling about a release date for for month. You should read this book.

Amazon: Skin of the Sea

5) Chloe Zhao became the first woman in colour to win an Oscar for best director: Your favourite book by an Asian author

Finding Junie Kim

This important historical and semi-autobiographical book portrays both the horrors of the Korean War and the issues of racism still occurring today. I’m not normally a historical fiction fan but Oh had my interest from start to finish with this piece.

Amazon: Finding Junie Kim

6)Rose Ayling-Ellis, the show’s first deaf contestant, won Strictly Come Dancing: A kickass disabled character

It’s hard to pick a favorite disabled character but I’m going to pick Artemisia from Vespertine who I’ll argue is disabled because of her original possession.

Amazon: Vespertine

Feel free to tag yourself if you are interested in doing so just please link back!

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Lock the Doors Review

Lock the Doors has a great set up, creepy new house, creepy neighbors across the street and a creepy new girl. It’s everything that would make a good horror novel and yet. It’s like the book is trying very hard to be scary and I won’t lie it had it’s scary moments but mostly they were trying to hit you over the head with the scare.


Tom’s family have moved into their dream home. But pretty soon he starts to notice that something is very wrong—there are strange messages written on the wall and locks on the bedroom doors. On the OUTSIDE.

The previous owners have moved just across the road and they seem like the perfect family. Their daughter Amy is beautiful and enigmatic but Tom is sure she’s got something to hide. And he isn’t going to stop until he finds the truth behind those locked doors. . .

Review Of Lock the Doors

It’s not that the book wasn’t scary, it was that it was just trying to be scary for scary’s sake which is something I think you should never do with a horror novel. I think the fact that a novels scary should just be something thats woven into it and is part of the story. The main villian especially while I don’t doubt people like her exist was so evil she seemed cartoonish.

The only thing that seemed real besides the lock on the doors which I could totally see happening was one of the main female leads inner monologue she blames herself for an event that happens and her fear about telling anyone about the event. The only true fear here is within the family that had to deal with the event. They aren’t scary especially not the main villain, they are scared. As for the other protagonist, he’s just there to uncover the female protagonists secret otherwise he really isn’t worth developing.

Amazon: Lock the Doors

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Bookish Aries Sign

Yesterday we talked about some of the traits of Aries, today we are going to look to books where I think one of the main characters is an share the sign Aries\

Shane from The Bone Spindle

If Aries isn’t Shane’s sun sign, I’m not sure what she it is Shane isn’t an Aries I’m not sure who is. She is impulsive, check, courageous, check, full of energy check, and often ending up in trouble because of they end up chasing after something to keep them their adventure going, sorry Shane one word Red, double check. We will go over the whole casts Zodiac profiles so fans of Fi and Briar Roses no worries they’ll get analyzed too!

Amazon: The Bone Spindle

Esme, from the Counterclockwise Heart

Esme is totally an Aries when she first gets to the Hinterland she is showing of the sign more negative qualities being impulsive and impatient and just wanting to get her task done this cost her rather heavily though as it often does for Aries characters. Eventually her need to be competitive and take charge are tempered by love for the region and people around her but she’s still commanding and that helps in the end.

Amazon: The Counter Clockwise Heart

Clementine from The Dark Lord Clementine

Clementine is an Aries in hiding at the beginning of the book because she is so scared of her father but as she grows more confident she begins to to let her Aries traits out more she takes charge with her friends protecting the mountain. She’s adventurous when it comes to lady who gives swords. I think her father might be an Aries as well but I think she is much more aware of the negative traits. I like to think of the end of the book when she goes off on the adventure she’s not too worried about she’s going and is simply focused on adventure

Amazon: Dark Lord Clementine

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International Women’s Day

I thought I’d make a special post for International Women’s Day. I found this tag from Dianthaa Dabbles. My tarot and astrological posts will be up soon they just require a lot of research. I was going to do research for my first Zodiac post (Aries) but I simply fell asleep. So the longer post will be up when they are up. Until then a little something for International Women’s day and remember to think of your sisters not just your cis-ters.

A book with a (closer to) gender-equal society

Skin of the Sea

A interesting world of mermaids gods and goddess this world is a lot closer to gender equality with its magic and monsters than our real world.

Amazon: Skin of the Sea

A book about writing your own story

As American as Paneer Pie

Lekha Divekar feels like she has to hide her authentic self at school because she’s afraid of being made fun of at school that is until Avantika moves in and she’s not interested in hiding her being Indian at all. Lekha wants to be friends with Avantika but will the social pressures of middle school keep them apart.

Amazon: American as Paneer Pie

A story with women working together

The Bone Spindle

Two vastly different heroines on a treasure hunt for their own reasons. They end up encountering an old curse, a new dangerous woman, and all their own issues. It makes for a wonderful edge of your seat adventure.

Amazon: The Bone Spindle

A book with a twist on a traditional gender role

The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy is a good book when talking about the role of women they literally shifted the women’s role in society and ended up with a problem that the main character has to face in this book. It’s all very interesting and the book comes highly recommended.

Amazon: The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

A woman in a man’s world

Goddess in the Machine

When Andra wakes from her thousand year sleep she’s surrounded by men, but she manages to get a good deal of information about her situation out of Zhade and quickly takes charge of the situation despite having little idea of the larger problems.

Amazon: Goddess in the Machine

A book with a matriarchal society

Infinity Courts

It didn’t say a matriarchal society you’d want to live in. This book had me wanting to half be really nice to Siri and half chuck my Apple products across to room, needless to say Ophelia, is in charge.

Amazon: The Infinity Courts

A book with a positive romantic relationship

Sweet and Bitter Magic

While it doesn’t start out as a romantic relationship these two hold each other up in ways that I haven’t seen in some other written couples, even though they are tied together at first it becomes clear very quickly that they want the best for each other despite the bond.

Amazon: Sweet and Bitter Magic

A book featuring a women’s issue

A Kind of Spark

This deals with the issue of women’s history and witch burning in Scotland. It also deals with the underdiagnosis of women and girls with autism which is an international problem.

Amazon: A Kind of Spark

Flowers and chocolates

Séance Tea Party

This book is definitely a flowers and cholate book, it’s also full of women making connections between the ghost and the girl who summoned her. The ghost and an old school mate, the girl and new friends the ghost helps her make, and all sorts of tea parties and food throughout.

Amazon: Séance Tea Party

So that’s my wrapup for International Women’s Day, feel free to take this tag and use it. Just please mention where you got it from thanks!

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Astrological and Tarot Posts

Though you may think of astrological work and tarot as more associated with Halloween we do have the Vernal Equinox coming up so I decided to start a series of posts of books each Zodiac sign, might like based on traits traditionally assigned to the sign. Now we’re going to make it a little interactive by making some polls by how well you think these fit, with maybe some stickers up as prizes.

Eastern and Western

We will be explore both Eastern and Western would like now I want this to be interactive too, I’m personally a Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon Taurus Ascending in the Western Zodiac. And a Metal Horse in the Asian Zodiac.


Now if you have now idea what that means that’s okay these post will kind of an intro to how to figure out your Zodiac and the astrological world in general it will also help me bring two of my favorite things together. The astrological world and tarot and the book world and reading. As for the Tarot portion I’m going to be doing books that would fit all of the Major Arcana, it’s okay if you don’t know what that means either we’ll be taking a dive through tarot as well.

Feedback and Tags in Astrological Posts

I definitely want everyone’s feedback especially if they are particularly drawn to a card or sign, do you think my book predictions are spot on please tell me #astrolistbooks or #tarotlistbooks and please tell me if I’m wrong and you have better ideas feel free to turn this into a tag if you want to we are going to start out tomorrow with Aries and go from there. As for the Tarot posts we will be starting with the Fool the day after. I look forward to learning more about tarot, teaching you guys and pairing up books with signs.

I can’t wait to hear from you guys in the comments or on Twitter.

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Vegetable Garden with Cuddle

I’m doing the challenge for the Vegetable Garden with Cuddle which encourages you to read more women of color. I really hope I can participate in this challenge since I missed the last two due to working on my readathon and medical appointments.

Quest expires on: 12th March 2022, 8:00PM NZT. [?]

Objectives for Vegetable Garden with Cuddle

To complete this quest and receive the quest reward, complete the following objective(s):

A circular badge depicting two tomatoes attached to the plant cuddling u
  • Read a book by a woman (including non-binary women and femme) author of colour during Women’s History Month.
    Read a book by a Black author for Black History Month.
  • This quest is repeatable. (Repeating this quest is optional.)
  • Those who complete the quest may choose their quest reward. However, colours of the reward are random.
  • Bonus: Read at least three books of the above objectives to earn the Vege Buddies badge for your character card!
  • Secret Achievement: Read a book by a Black woman/non-binary woman/femme author.

Available Quest Rewards:

Pondathon II. Rewards for Cuddle's side quest, february 12 to march 12.

1. Pumpkins (3 designs, 3 colours available)
2. Carrots (3 designs, 3 colours available)
3. Turnip (3 designs, 3 colours available)
4. Garden bed (4 designs, 1 colour available)

Looks like we have some great rewards here are some of the books I plan to read

Operation Sisterhood

Bo and her mom always had their own rhythm. But ever since they moved to Harlem, Bo’s world has fallen out of sync. She and Mum are now living with Mum’s boyfriend Bill, his daughter Sunday, the twins, Lili and Lee, the twins’ parents…along with a dog, two cats, a bearded dragon, a turtle, and chickens. All in one brownstone! With so many people squished together, Bo isn’t so sure there is room for her. 
Set against the bursting energy of a New York City summer, award-winning author Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich delivers a joyful novel about a new family that hits all the right notes!

Amazon: Operation Sisterhood

Across a Field of Starlight

When they were kids, Fassen’s fighter spaceship crash-landed on a planet that Lu’s survey force was exploring. It was a forbidden meeting between a kid from a war-focused resistance movement and a kid whose community and planet are dedicated to peace and secrecy.
Lu and Fassen are from different worlds and separate solar systems. But their friendship keeps them in each other’s orbit as they grow up. They stay in contact in secret as their communities are increasingly threatened by the omnipresent, ever-expanding empire.
As the empire begins a new attack against Fassen’s people–and discovers Lu’s in the process–the two of them have the chance to reunite at last. They finally are able to be together…but at what cost?

Amazon: Across A Field of Starlight

Ophelia After All

Ophelia also likes to grow things but she has a rose garden instead of vegetable garden. Ophelia Rojas knows what she likes: her best friends, Cuban food, rose-gardening, and boys – way too many boys. Her friends and parents make fun of her endless stream of crushes, but Ophelia is a romantic at heart. She couldn’t change, even if she wanted to.

So when she finds herself thinking more about cute, quiet Talia Sanchez than the loss of a perfect prom with her ex-boyfriend, seeds of doubt take root in Ophelia’s firm image of herself. Add to that the impending end of high school and the fracturing of her once-solid friend group, and things are spiraling a little out of control.

But the course of love—and sexuality—never did run smooth. As her secrets begin to unravel, Ophelia must make a choice between clinging to the fantasy version of herself she’s always imagined or upending everyone’s expectations to rediscover who she really is, after all.

Amazon: Ophelia After All


I just finished another book by a black author You Truly Assumed yesterday morning and got one of the secret achievements I’m going to update my vegetable garden today and post it on here later in the week. I can’t wait to see how some of my new rewards look in my garden.

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You Truly Assumed Review

And we’re back online faster, with more power, and better than ever. I’m now producing content off Lavender the Laptop. She has 90’s retro vibe, and I’ve got the feminist and witchy stickers coming in tomorrow. So I’ll probably get sticker happy but I’m happy to have a machine to work from again, and happy to be reviewing this wonderful book You Truly Assumed by Black author Laila Sabreen.

This is also helping me complete one of my Pondathon II challenges,. In addition it’s helping me complete one of my Trope-ical readathon prompts Finally this book is also helping with my Orillium Gear Challenge.


In this compelling and thought-provoking debut novel, after a terrorist attack rocks the country and anti-Islamic sentiment stirs, three Black Muslim girls create a space where they can shatter assumptions and share truths.

Sabriya has her whole summer planned out in color-coded glory, but those plans go out the window after a terrorist attack near her home. When the terrorist is assumed to be Muslim and Islamophobia grows, Sabriya turns to her online journal for comfort. You Truly Assumed was never meant to be anything more than an outlet, but the blog goes viral as fellow Muslim teens around the country flock to it and find solace and a sense of community.

Soon two more teens, Zakat and Farah, join Bri to run You Truly Assumed and the three quickly form a strong friendship. But as the blog’s popularity grows, so do the pushback and hateful comments. When one of them is threatened, the search to find out who is behind it all begins, and their friendship is put to the test when all three must decide whether to shut down the blog and lose what they’ve worked for…or take a stand and risk everything to make their voices heard.

Review of You Truly Assumed

I really liked this book for several reason; one the three points of view, two the way this book was centered around blogging and the different ways the girls celebrated their faith through their communities and the blog. For me this book brought up what is great about the blogging community, the family aspect, as well as the negatives and how to deal with them.

I think it did a good job portraying what minority bloggers have to deal with, any minority bloggers can of course correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to match up with the discourse I’ve heard from different bloggers of color about their thoughts not being heard. I think this is a must read for all white bloggers. Oh and just a personal favorite I especially I the scene where the piece of cookware is thrown on the floor after seeing the website. Just a personal favorite of mine also I’m a huge fan of the ship that happens in the book. It’s so cute. Those are my two personal opinions. Also, I couldn’t pick a favorite out of the three since I love them all. So don’t ask me to!

Amazon: You Truly Assumed

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Candles as Books: Scents

So I’m on a bit of a candle kick lately. Ring candles regular candles, all sorts of scents. I know there are bookish candles and that’s my next order of business, getting some of those, however I like to imagine what the different scents from the books might be.

Pizza: American as Panner Pie

Who would want a Pizza candle you say? I don’t know, I think some people would pizza is more than just a scent in this book. It’s about the heart of being yourself and the heart of others coming to understand you. Notes would include cheese and paneer.

Amazon: American as Paneer Pie

Cotton Candy: Foreverland

This independent book is about the wonder of an amusement park, but not being able to run away from your problems forever. Notes would include sugar, and excitement.

Amazon: Foreverland

Ocean: The Sea In Winter

In this book the main character has an injury she’s dealing with but doesn’t want to admit how much it is hurting her eventually she realizes she needs to lean on her family and community for support. There are notes of a warm bonfire, sand, and the sea.

Amazon: The Sea in Winter

Frybread: Ancestor Approved

This candle is the scent of community but specifically the frybread stand warm and tasty its like one of those bakery candles that makes you hungry except that its savory.

Amazon: Ancestor Approved

Algae: Dark Waters

This is the kind of candle you’d only find by the sea, but maybe as a joke candle on the ack of the shelf it smells faintly of the bottom of a lake. There are note of fish and rot.

Amazon: Dark Waters

Roses: The Bone Spindle

This candle smells like roses but there is something more, it’s like roses preserved in glass and there are hints of dust too.

Amazon: The Bone Spindle

Biryani Rice: Salaam, With Love

This is another special candle, though it comes out all year there is always a special Ramadan special edition that comes out every year that manages to smell extra good. There are hints of spice and love. There is also a special surprise at the bottom of this candle.

Amazon: Salaam with Love