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Disability Creative Block

Hey y’all I’m back. Sorry for the long break in posts. I’ve been working on disability. Getting disability in the US is a prolonged effort where you have to appeal many times and appear before a judge. I’ve appealed several times and am now on the state where I appeal before a judge. Let me tell you I’ve been studying the possible questions that could be asked for several weeks, practicing, and I was still very nervous. So as the date of the hearing came closer I just looked at posting here and I froze I was totally creatively blocked due to my disability hearing. Everything just came down to focusing on the hearing but thankfully I got past my hearing, I won’t know my results for a few weeks. But I’m just so glad it’s over and I can get back to focusing on the thing I like without the mind crushing stress I’ve been dealing with these past few week.

I haven’t been doing nothing though, I’ve managed to get a little reading done despite the stress. Most of these are for magical readathon.

Ghost Girl by [Ally Malinenko]


Zee Puckett loves ghost stories. She just never expected to be living one.

It all starts with a dark and stormy night. When the skies clear, everything is different. People are missing. There’s a creepy new principal who seems to know everyone’s darkest dreams. And Zee is seeing frightening things: large, scary dogs that talk and maybe even . . . a ghost.

When she tells her classmates, only her best friend Elijah believes her. Worse, mean girl Nellie gives Zee a cruel nickname: Ghost Girl.

But whatever the storm washed up isn’t going away. Everyone’s most selfish wishes start coming true in creepy ways.

To fight for what’s right, Zee will have to embrace what makes her different and what makes her Ghost Girl. And all three of them—Zee, Elijah, and Nellie—will have to work together if they want to give their ghost story a happy ending.

Amazon: Ghost Girl


All Ginny Anderson wants from her summer is to sleep in, attend a mystery writing workshop, and spend time with her best friend. But when Ginny’s father―a respected restoration expert in Chicago―surprises the family with a month-long trip to Michigan, everything changes. They aren’t staying in a hotel like most families would. No, they’re staying in a mansion. A twenty-six room, century-old building surrounded by dense forest. Woodmoor Manor.

But unfortunately, the mansion has more problems than a little peeling wallpaper. Locals claim the surrounding woods are inhabited by mutated creatures with glowing eyes. And some say campers routinely disappear in the woods, never to be seen again.

As terrifying as it sounds, Ginny can’t shake the feeling that there’s something darker . . . another story she hasn’t been told. When the creaky floors and shadowy corners of the mansion seem to take on a life of their own, Ginny uncovers the wildest mystery of all: There’s more than one legend roaming Saugatuck, Michigan, and they definitely aren’t after campers.

Amazon: What Lives in The Woods

The Smashed Man of Dread End by [J.W. Ocker]


Noe Wiley couldn’t be more excited to move. After the slumber party sleepwalking incident of last year, she’s ready to make some new friends.

But Noe didn’t expect the sullen, strange girls who live on her new street. And she certainly didn’t expect the strange warning they give her—to stay out of her basement, no matter what.

Noe’s not going to let these girls boss her around. She’ll go in her own basement whenever she wants.

So she does. And there he is.

And now there’s no going back.

Amazon: The Smashed Man of Dread End

The Brave by [James Bird]


Collin can’t help himself—he has a unique disability that finds him counting every letter spoken to him. It’s a quirk that makes him a prime target for bullies, and a continual frustration to the adults around him, including his father.

When Collin asked to leave yet another school, his dad decides to send him to live in Minnesota with the mother he’s never met. She is Ojibwe, and lives on a reservation. Collin arrives in Duluth with his loyal dog, Seven, and quickly finds his mom and his new home to be warm, welcoming, and accepting of his condition.

Collin’s quirk is matched by that of his neighbor, Orenda, a girl who lives mostly in her treehouse and believes she is turning into a butterfly. With Orenda’s help, Collin works hard to overcome his challenges. His real test comes when he must step up for his new friend and trust his new family.

Amazon: The Brave

So that’s what I’ve been reading, reviews should be up soon, now that I’m not so worried I can’t even look at the screen. I look forward to having fun with my reading challenges and getting back to things I enjoy.

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Reading A Lot this Week-All of the Books

I’ve found myself just reading more daily with my two readathons, I rolled, Humans, New and Cute for my Bookaplaton rolls so I’m read and am reading Ghost Girl, The Smashed Man of Dread End and Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating. For Magical Readathon I’m working on Fellowship of the Ring on the principle of getting the toughest book out of the way first, if other books come up the match my Bookaplaton prompts that are also on my Magical Readathon List I’m going to double up and try and maximize my reading as best I can.

What have I been doing when I haven’t been reading. I’ve been trying to post as you can see I’ve put up either reading or writing stuff every day. I’m also going to try and go back and do the reviews for the books I’ve been reading, for example all the stuff in August but that I’ve gotten behind on. I also plan to get back to posting new releases every Monday when there is enough content and all the other things I was doing for the blog before I kind of blinked out and took a bit of a hiatus due to my health.

I’m also using the blog as a bit of a distraction, I have a disability hearing on the 15th and that decides whether or not I’m considered disabled and can get the money to move out on my own, it’s causing me major stress so I’m just throwing myself into things I can control, like reading books. Or posting on the blog, maybe I’ll feel better after my hearing but they still have a month to tell me how I did so I think the blog might be a bit of a distraction for awhile.

I’m not sure I can focus due to stress levels but I also want to get back to writing, even if it’s just a little. I miss telling stories, and you only get better by telling the bad drafts first.

There is one good thing other good thing, it is starting to feel like fall here! One it took long enough, and two, that makes September the best month, and three that means it’s spoopy season! Lets be real though, it’s been spoopy season here since mid-July.

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Quarantine Life Again: Trying to Meet Goals

So while my state hasn’t issued a stay at home order (because they are not making good choices) and we have one of the highest COVID rates in the US. My family is back to mostly quarantine again except for a few key task. We’re going to get the booster when it’s time and I got my flu shot but until then we are just being extra careful.

I also have my disability hearing in a few weeks which makes things kind of stressful, because it determines whether or not I get a lot of social services. Ones that would help me pay for my medication, find a place to live that not with my parents, and other important things.

Well with this new quarantine I’ve been trying to keep busy, I’ve got several new games including Paper Mario: The Origami King and Cris Tales. I’m also still diligently working on Horizon Zero Dawn.

One goal I didn’t have a problem meeting this month was my reading goal, thanks to my readathons I think I’m going to end up with 12 or 13 books for the month. My best month yet this year.

I’ve also got great new readathons including @MagicalReadthn that I’m taking part of in September which will surely keep me up on my reading goals.

Now I haven’t done as good a job posting reviews, I’m going to try to remedy that I’ve just been so caught up in reading I kind of let posting reviews fall behind.

I’m also taking part in a medical research study that starts tomorrow as a way to make money to help pay for my medicine until my other services hopefully kick in. I think I’ll bring my Switch tomorrow because it’s supposed to be an hour and a half session.

What is everyone reading? I’m currently working on The Forgotten Girl.

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Efficient First Week

So apparently this new month and these readathons have made me me more efficient when it comes to reading. I don’t know the last time I finished four books in a week. If I keep this up I may actually get back on track for my 100 books this year. I’m also finishing prompts for both my Readathons. For @RoyalReadathon I just finished my Olaf book, or book under 250 prompt with The Tea Dragon Tapestry. For my Mushu, or book with a dragon, I read The Dragon Egg Princess, and for my Chip book, which was a middle grade book, I read, The Sun will Come Out

For the Trope-ical Readathon those books filled in the book with fire on the cover prompt, the new kid in town prompt and since one of them was a graphic novel it didn’t count for prompts for that readathon. Overall, this week has been very efficient in terms of reading, I’ve finally found the rhythm I think I’ve been missing in my book slump lately so I’m going to try to keep that up that pace so I can get back on track to read my hundred books a year, basically I just need to keep an ebook in my hand all day every day for the rest of the year. Or maybe two, we’ll see how many I can hold lol.

The other thing I’ve been working on is building my character for D&D I’m playing with a DM from my rock camp and some new friends. I’m really enjoying to story building which makes me think I should get back to working on my novels. I also need to pay more attention to this blog, I’m way behind on reviews. Basically all the drama over the summer, I want to put in the re-view mirror and embrace fall as a growing season.

Here is to hoping next week manifests more of that goal.

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Last Part of Summer Wrapup

So last month was the best month for me blog wise. I explained my reasons in the last post but I plan to make that better in this last part of the summer. I think I never do well in the summer posting because it’s my least favorite season. I live in a sub-tropical climate, so it hot, buggy and annoying and I’m already looking out for pumpkin related things. Also don’t get me started on waiting for Halloween. I may finally be getting a place of my own and I’m basically going to fill it with witchy decorations.

Keep me in your thoughts though because my getting a place of my own is totally not solid yet. I’m just really hoping everything falls into place the way it should.

So I was talking about my Rock Camp Fatigue in one of my earlier posts and it was indeed real and I think I’m just now not feeling tired. But one of the great things about rock camp is I got to see old friends and make some new ones which is great because a friend of a decade dumped me via text. However I’m trying not to be bitter and moving ahead with new friends and projects I hadn’t given time to because I was giving emotional energy to that friend. Hopefully I work on my novels some more in August and in the fall, and I’ve got a really exciting new adventure coming.

So one of my friends who we’ll call B, is a great DM for D&D adventures. I’ve been wanting to get in on one of her campaigns for like a year, well a spot finally opened up and I’m going to get to be a part of her campaign set in the Wildemount world created by the podcasters at Critical Role.

I already have a pretty good idea of what my character is going to be like, but I can’t wait to meet the rest of the group and see what they are planning. By the way this is an all woman D&D group which I’m extra excited about, since some of my experiences playing D&D with men have been less than stellar.

I’ve also got a new friend from camp called C, we are planning to go bowling at some point at this cool kinda upscale bowling place with TVs and food and the glow in the dark carpet. It also has an arcade so hopefully that will be fun as well.

Anyway I’m just thinking despite a few issues the future looks bright. And I can’t wait to start reading for my readathons August 1st.

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Rock Camp Fatigue: Blog Update

Rock Camp was wonderful and self affirming and seeing the youth and all my fellow volunteers was the highlight of the summer. Now it’s just waiting till fall. Seriously it’s the best thing in the summer, then I have to wait for the air to cool down and for it to be my birthday and spooky season. I have some friends with August birthdays and I’m excited for that, but seriously I don’t like summer even though summer has been really mild here.

I also learned a lesson, don’t try and do a readathon during July, don’t make high reading goals during July. I was too caught up with camp and setting myself up for failure. I think I’ll have much more luck with the readathon I’m planning for August. Though I really do hope Make Your Myth taker shows up again soon because I loved the challenges from Path or Pantheon they just came at a bad time life wise. I’d love to do something about reading for Rock Camp next year but I’m not sure what that would look like just yet. I did a workshop on tarot that went well. So I’m sure I could build something cool.

Anyway expect to see me slowly getting back in the flow of the blog. I did not mean to gone for so long but camp is literally my most important and rewarding volunteer activity all year so sometimes things have to take a backseat.

As for what I’m currently up to while recovering from Rock Camp, I’m playing lots of video games, I’m working my way through Horizon: Zero Dawn and I just got Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin because I needed something like Pokemon until the next Pokemon game came out.

I’m also reading The Companion by Katie Alender. It is very good for a late summer spooky book.

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Sorry for the disappearance.

Sorry the disappearance and lack of updates, I’ve had some emotional drama, which honestly made me realize I’m a little depressed. So I’m trying to get back on the boat and start posting normally again. I think it’s the fact that both of my regular friends are busy (one is in California, one is a new mother) that has me down. But I’m going to my favorite charity to help out a little next week. So that should cheer me up I never leave Girls Rock on a down note so I think that will be enough to push me through the last of my least favorite months, July and August.

I just hate summer my track record with things happening in the summer is all bad, so bring on Fall and Winter, the best seasons there are.

I also missed my update this weekend. I haven’t been doing much, except for work leading up to camp (ie depression), but I have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn whenever I can. Seriously it’s my summer RPG like Dragon Age was last year. I’m not a very good shot though so I think I’m going to need to work on that some.

I’ve also been looking at Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. Because seriously I need some cute Pokémon esque stuff in my life and I can’t wait till Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes out next year.

I did manage to get one book read despite my depressive fog, The Infinity Courts was AMAZING and I can’t wait to put out a review. I’m also going to get back to reading so hopefully I can fulfill one of my chosen picks for Path or Pantheon. Here is to a better time moving forward yay better future positive energy.

I’m done saying sorry for being myself. I willing to work on my own issues but I’m not going to dilute myself any longer.

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Cat Catching and Distracting Babies

So we finally caught Cinnamon behold the of tuna. She was gone for a night and we were worried about her, but she came home a different and happier cat, it’s like she’s 10 years younger and she was 2 years old to begin with now that she doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant and I think she tell something is different. She had a litter when they took her in but it wasn’t viable. She’s just a happier cat, now hopefully getting her in the house, but that, followers is a problem for another day. Right now we are just happy she’s happy and has a rabies shot and doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant and has her ear tipped so everyone knows she’s fixed.

You also may have noticed my post falling off toward the end of the week, some of the was Cinnamon, but most of that is my nephew. I’m not sharing his name or picture here so we’ll call him W.

W and his mom were in a rough medical situation last year where we weren’t sure W would make it. Let just say the odds were severely against them. For more information on W’s condition check out the PPROM Foundation. This condition effects lots of pregnancies and isn’t widely researched basically it causes the placenta to rupture early in pregnancy often causing the loss of the baby or if not treated properly leading to sepsis leading to the death of the baby and mother both.

Anyway W’s mom somehow made it through, I’ll forever be thankful and the fact that W made it through too is a close to a miracle as I’m ever going to see, anyway, he’s getting close to 9 months now very cute and very distracting. So if I’m not posting I’m probably off chilling with this cutie and his parents. I just bought way too many clothes for him, and I already have plans for birthday, smash cake plus cake cake and Halloween. Yes, I’m that overbearing aunt. But I love him and his parents so much I just can’t help myself.

Anyway when I’m not being distracted by cats and babies, wait a second, black clothes tough exterior I though I was supposed to be scary. I think I though I was Disney Villain and am really a Disney Sidekick.

There are worse realization to come to in life, speaking of what else am I upto? I’ve gotten addicted to Horizon Zero Dawn, even though I’m not really playing the plot yet I’m just running around slashing machines with my spear.

I’m happy though, so if I’m not posting as much at the end of the week that’s why, I’ve got my cat, and my friends, my nephew and am still, so thankful that I didn’t lose them. I’m also processing some trauma dealing with the fact that I nearly did.

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Sneaky Cats and Queer Summer Camp

So I’ve told you about my feral cat Cinnamon, turns out she’s an expert-level sneaky cat. We’ve tried drugs we’ve tried treats, we’ve tried to just grab her, we’ve tried a regular cat carrier. Now we’ve resorted to the snap traps specifically for feral cats plus sardines plus tuna plus meds. Hopefully, this will finally catch our sick but sneaky and feral little kitty who doesn’t know we’re trying to do what’s best for her.

I haven’t gotten to play Horizon Zero Dawn much this week due to my focus on the Cinnamon. The cat is smarter than me and has thus been wearing me out. But I have had some fun, I’ve found a lot of new things to read and I think you all will expect lots of cool new content and reviews from me. I’m trying to catch up and get back on track for my reading goal that breaking my foot knocked me off of. So I’d love to hit 10 books this books, though hopefully more. I’ll be happy with 10 though.

I’ve leveled up in Cozy Grove an I continue to love it, it the small independent slowly plotted game that I needed.

I’m also working on going to meetings and making signs for my camp, it’s a camp for girls, trans, and gender non-conforming kids and youth, part of the Girls Rock network. Get to pick an instrument, and form bands make up a song, and perform in a showcase at the end of the week. They also go to different workshops like the one I’m teaching on tarot. We also have ones on things like yoga and D&D. It’s my favorite time of the year and we had to miss it in person last year due to COVID. So I’m excited to head back.

Hope you all had a good week and that this week is productive

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Cats, New RPGs, Pride Month

Sorry I didn’t post this weekend cats were the reason I was busy or should I say one cat specifically. My Sweet albeit very feral cat Cinnamon is sick. I thought I could catch her yesterday, and I didn’t and felt like a real failure afterward, now I’m realizing this is going to have to be a long game. I guess I just thought I had a good enough bond with her I could do it easily, but now I know I was being unrealistic. But never fear it’s not all bad news, the cat is getting to the vet one way or the other we are just going to have to be tricky, and stubborn just like cats are.

I was also just kind of depressed about Cinnamon and what happens if we don’t catch her in time to treat her condition. We are going to get a feral trap today, so hopefully we are headed in the right direction still I worry about my sweet little feral baby.

In happier news, I’m just starting Horizon Zero Dawn so I can play the new one when it comes out. The puzzles are a little tougher than what I’m used to so I’m using guides. Also, I’m just not a very talented gamer, I’m more there for the story. But I ended up loving the combat system in Dragon Age 3, so I could love the combat system once I get into it a bit more. The puzzles so far have just been tough and I’m only at the beginning lol. However, it is the newest RPG I’ve played so SO pretty.

Also if you are listening universe Dragon Age 4 release date like before I turn 35.

Last but not least I’m trying to read as many books as I can for Pride Month, and I’m also doing the Read Your Gays readathon. I’m trying to read about a little bit of everyone and stories I’m not familiar with. For example, I haven’t read a lot of books on non-binary folx, so I’m trying to make that one of my goals this month.