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Olympic Tag Answers

So here are my answers to the Olympic Tag, you’ll find some books you’ve seen before you know are my favorites as well as some unexpected new favorites.

Favorite Winter Book/Book Set in Snow

Alpine Skiing -A book where agility/sneakiness was required. A Thousand Questions

A Thousand Questions by [Saadia Faruqi]

Both Mimi and Sakina had to be a little sneaky to get what they wanted and to help each other

Bobsled : A book where one character trust another as they leap into unknown. So far and I’m not done, a book that fits this is Fire Becomes Her.

Fire Becomes Her by [Rosiee Thor]

Now I’m not sure if her trust will be rewarded or if she’ll have to switch sides but it fits the prompt and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Cross Country Skiing : A book that took endurance to get through.

The Companion by [Katie Alender]

This took endurance because I spent the whole novel thinking the heroine was going to get murdered, the pacing was phenomenal, and you are always left on your toes to when the villain will show up and never given any answers to suit you.

Amazon: The Companion

Curling: A unexpected favorite.

The Place Inside the Storm

The Place Inside the Storm by [Bradley W. Wright]

This was one of the first independently published books that I actually tried and liked so in that way it was a very unexpected surprise.

Amazon: The Place Inside The Storm

Figure Skating: The beautiful and elegant fantasy that was also a lot of work.

The Infinity Courts

The Infinity Courts by [Akemi Dawn Bowman]

This book was elegant and detailed plus the whole time the protagonist had to act like she was skating on glass to keep her secrets from both sides. Plus she has to make up and costume to keep up her disguise.

Amazon: The Infinity Courts

Ice Hockey: A book where there is a battle


Alone by [Megan E. Freeman]

Twelve year old Maddie faces plenty of battles when it comes to being stuck in a town alone for years, wild dog, bandits and especially the elements and her sheer loneliness.

Amazon: Alone

Luge: A book where a character makes a sudden life changing decision.

Echoes and Empires

Echoes and Empires by [Morgan Rhodes]

Josslyn Drake must make a deal with with a thief after she is infected by magic in a world were magic is illegal dangerous and possibly deadly.

Amazon: Echoes and Empires

Skeleton: A great horror novel.

Long Lost

Long Lost by [Jacqueline West]

A creepy story about the power of sisters set in an old new England town. It shows the power of books and the thin line between the written word and reality.

Amazon: Long Lost

Speedskating: A quick book.

Barakah Beats

Barakah Beats by [Maleeha Siddiqui]

A super sweet book about a young Muslim teen finding herself in middle school and getting involved with a band and different views about the role of music in Islam.

Amazon: Barakah Beats

A Book To Represent to Host Country: Something By a Chinese or Chinese-American, British, etc author)

Maizy Chen's Last Chance by [Lisa Yee]

A wonderful newish book by the widely published Lisa Yee, so far I’m reading it and it’s very good it’s about a girl trying to find the answers about why her mother moved cross country when she was younger.

Amazon: Maizy Chen’s Last Chance

Represent Your Own Country-

Root Magic

Root Magic by [Eden Royce]

A serious and important book set in the part of the south I’m originally from, it brings up important issues such a racism and mixes them with magical realism.

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Olympics Tag

Though I should have thought of this when the Winter Olympics started, I literally just thought of this sitting in the in the MRI machine this morning. I thought I would do a tag based on the Winter Olympics and their events.

Favorite Winter Book/Book Set in Snow

Alpine Skiing-This is where the athletes try and race down an icy hill on skis and avoid obstacle. The disciplines include downhill, the fastest event; super-G, with more turns added; giant slalom, still more turns; and slalom, the slowest and most technical event. There is also a combined event (downhill and slalom) and a mixed-gender team slalom event. -A book where agility/sneakiness was required

Bobsled Basically one to four people put themselves in a sled and go down a giant icy track Joining the four-man, two-man and two-woman events is a race for just one: women’s monobob. : A book where one character trust another as they leap into unknown.

Cross Country Skiing This is an event about endurance as the athletes must ski over long distances. : A book that took endurance to get through.

Curling An unusual sport that everyone gets interested in every 4 years its played a lot like shuffleboard with a granitite weight and people clearing the ice in front of it trying to knock out the other teams weights from a ring: A unexpected favorite.

Figure Skating: The beautiful and elegant fantasy that was also a lot of work.

Ice Hockey: A book where there is a battle.

Luge: Athletes race feet first down an icy track: A book where a character makes a sudden life changing decision.

Skeleton: So named because of how the boards look athletles race FACE first down icy track: A great horror novel.

Speedskating: A quick book.

A Book To Represent to Host Country: Something By a Chinese or Chinese-American, British, etc author)

Represent Your Own Country-(People from Major Western Countries Especially the US. I’m going to challenge you to represent your specific Region, Province, or State just because we have so many books published about the West)

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The Tarot Tag

I wanted to do a tag for Halloween but I couldn’t think of anything then my mind fell back to something I love to do daily, tarot.

1.) The Fool: What book/series did you fall into without thinking about it?

Keeper of The Lost Cities. I was on Book 6 without even realizing I’d finished the first 5.

2)The High Priestess: Which feminine character would you like to be like/or respect?

I really like Cassidy Blake from V.E. Schwab’s Cassidy Blake books

3)Suit of Wands: If you could live in any fictional book world which would you pick?

Okay stay with me here, but I love the Small Spaces world. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to face the Smiling Man. I also love the Darkdeep world again not the most pleasant answer. Maybe I like puzzles?

4) Suit of Cups: If you could have a bookish wedding what series would inspire it?

This one is easy, it would either be Sailor Moon, because manga counts as books, or some version of Arendelle.

5)Suit of Swords: Is there any bookish conflict you wish you could take part in?

I’d want to join the conflicts in Keeper of Lost Cities or The Unwanteds/Unwanted Quest conflicts

6)Suit of Pentacles: You have endless book money, what’s the first book you buy?

Probably a fancy book with tarot deck.

7) Divination: If you could have any future book what would it be?

Tie between the ninth Keeper of the Lost Cities Book, and several ARC on NetGalley.


Books for the Love of Words

The Perks of Being Noura

A Dance With Books

Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

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Animal Crossing Book Tag

I’ve seen this all over the book blogging circles but the tag was originally created by Bec and Angharad @TwoBookThieves, so definitely check out their post.

Past Villager – Who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?

Ramona Quimby. I know she’s a bit problematic but I read these as a child a really enjoyed them.


Blather’s Blatherings – Recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read

I don’t read historical fiction. So the closest I can come is Wishtree, which tells the story of multiple generations.

Celeste’s Wish – What is a future book release you wish you could read now?

Hands down, Unlocked by Shannon Messenger. I want to find out what happens to her characters next, and if I’m being greedy, the next book in the series after that.

Timmy & Tommy – What is your favourite sibling relationship in a book?

I really enjoyed the sibling interactions in More to the Story by Hena Khan.

More to the Story by [Hena Khan]


The Easter Bunny – A popular book character that you’re not a big fan of

Pretty much anything by Sarah J Maas. I’m not a fan of her writing style but everyone else seems to love it so there is that.

Nook’s Loans – An author you’d give all your money to

Victoria Schwab! I can’t wait for the third City of Ghosts book. Though to be fair Shannon Messenger runs a close second.


The Sisters Able – What is your favourite fictional family (found or otherwise)?

The found family in Seafire/Steeltide. They are a ragtag group that comes together to do wonderful things.


It’s a C+  – What is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?

I hate you, now I love you. It can work occasionally, but it’s pretty much in every darn book now and I’m like no. If it’s well written I can get past it but usually it’s going to stop me from liking the book.

The Wandering Camel – What is your favourite book set in a land far away from yours?

Even though the land wasn’t particularly peaceful. I loved the magical system and think by the end it would be cool to visit.

The Deep & Dark Blue

Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? I’m going to tag

My Bookish Fantasy

The Queen Reads


Bookworms Anonymous

And you of course if you want to join in!



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Pokemon Reads: How’d I Do?

To be honest thinking of books for all the types was MUCH tougher than I expected, I had a great time doing it though. I think my favorites were Poison-type and Water-type. I’m looking forward to the project I’m doing with the Eveelutions in June because yay more Pokemon.

I also hope to bring more Pokemon content from the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion that’s coming in June as well. Either way, I’m glad I attempted and finished the tag and look forward to the fusion of video games and reading in the future.


I just did the Animal Crossing Tag which should be posted later in the week, can you think of any other video game/reading fusion that might be worth looking into?

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Books Like Eevee

Eevee is special Pokemon in the Pokemon universe in that it can evolve into eight different types. A lot of these evolutions are based on on the friendship your trainer has with the Pokemon. So I thought I’d do a special series on Eevee focusing on the different evolutions and friendship.

Instead of doing a list like I did for the other Pokemon types I’m just going to do one book each I think embodies each Pokemon. Join me as we explore Eevee’s types and go on another Pokemon and book adventure!


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Princess Reads

As I finish up the Pokemon Reads tag, I needed to decide on a new project to lead me into the spring. So I decided to combine something I liked just like I did with Pokemon and reading, Disney and reading. I’m going to do some posts based on some of the different princesses, some that Disney has covered as well as a couple of originals.

The first one I’m going to cover is the first movie Disney came out with Snow White! I’m going to do retellings as well as books inspired by the spirit of the book.

These should start on off days such as Tuesdays in April and continue into May, I’ve also got another project in the works, still based on Pokemon. You all will learn more about that project later this week.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Retro Review | What's On Disney Plus

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels