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Pride Month Readathon

Happy Pride Month! I try to read diverse books and as I’ve said before I’m not the hugest fan of Pride for various reasons, however, I do enjoy books with LGBTQIA+ characters especially with a happy ending.

This year I’m doing the Read Your Gay Challenges: Their theme this year is Queer Scouts. Which is ironic because I work at a camp for Queer Youth in July.

Prompts include: Camping Badge A book that takes place in the woods

Art badge: A book will an illustrated cover.

Bird watching badge: A Book with a Bird on the cover

Emergency preparedness badge: A dystopian or survival story

Nature Badge: A book that takes place in nature.

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Trope-ical Readaton

So I said I was going do a Readathon this month, and one of my wonderful followers itsKoo lead me towards the Trope-ical Readathon hosted by Jen Jen Reviews. There are several challenges for everyone doing the challenge and then there are teams

There are two ways to complete a common challenge: either you read a book with the given trope OR you read a book that satisfies the alternate prompt based off of that trope. You cannot double/triple/quadruple/etc. up on any challenges. In other words, you cannot use one book to satisfy multiple challenges and you cannot complete the same challenge multiple times for extra points.

You also pick a team based on what you usually read I’m going to be on Team Sci-Fi and Fantasy

I’m excited for this Readathon and will put up a TBR list soon. Hopefully it will get my reading amount up like I’ve been wanting. Either way I’m excited to be a part of this challenge.