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Pokemon Reads Steel Type

Steel is a strong and resistant type that can’t be poisoned by other Pokemon types. All these books have strong heroes and heroines that don’t let things get them down.


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Nicolette is the Cinderella in this Cinderella story, only her awful stepsisters call her “Mechanica”.  The name fits though, her mother was an inventor and she is too, even though her mom is gone now. She’s got a life of servitude with her stepsisters.

However, life may have a few surprises left when Nicolette discovers a secret workshop in the cellar on her sixteenth birthday—and befriends Jules, a tiny magical metal horse. Nicolette starts to imagine a life beyond serving her stepsisters.

The timing is perfect there is technological exposition and a royal ball coming up, and Nicolette is going to invent her own happily ever after and wow the prince as well as the entrepreneurs as well.

Can Mechanica build a new life for herself or will she be stuck with the steps forever?

The Pokemon this book makes me think of is Magearna


The reason Magearna reminded me of Mechanica is that it seems like something she would invent and it also kind of looks like it’s wearing a ball gown.

Amazon: Mechanica

Children of Refuge

It’s barely been a day since Edwy was returned to Cursed City where he was born from Fredtown where he was raised. Now he’s being shipped off again, smuggled to a boarding school in Refuge City. He’s there with his sister and brother, but they don’t even like him very much.

But his sister and brother start to warm up to him and teach him about some of the technology he missed out on during his upbringing and some of the histories he missed as well.

But when he learns the other children from Fredtown are still in Cursed City, he makes a plan to try and get back to them, will his brother and sister help or are they too caught up in their own lives?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is:Melmetal


It reminds me of Melmetal because Refuge City is the most advanced city that the people on Edwy’s side have, but it’s still sort of thrown together compared to their enemies just like Melmetal is made of just nuts and bolts.

Amazon: Children of Refuge


Caledonia Styx lost her family to the corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets, now she’s out for revenge. But her course takes her over dangerous seas with her ship Mors Navis, and her crew of girls and women. Her crew is all like her, people who have lost their families because of the evil warlord.

Their armored ship keeps them alive but isn’t any match face to face with Aric Athair’s full armored fleet. After Caledonia’s best friend and second-in-command barely survive an attack thanks to help from a Bullet looking to defect.

Caledonia must question everything she knows and feels about the Bullets, for a chance to bring Athair down once and for all. But will this boy be the key to victory or threaten everything the Mors Navis has worked so hard to create?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Aegislash


Aegislash reminds me of this book because it reminds me of their ship the Mors Navis because the ship is based on metal and can be both defensive and offensive.

Amazon: Seafire

The Icebreaker Trilogy

After her parents allegedly committed treason, twelve-year-old Petrel is an outcast. She doesn’t fit anywhere among the three warring tribes. They all live on an ancient icebreaker that has been following the same ocean course for three hundred years.

But things change for Petrel when a boy has discovered on a frozen iceberg and the crew is on alert. Petrel hides him hoping for a friend, but what Petrel doesn’t know is the ship holds a secret and her new friend has been sent to destroy it.

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is the: Registeel


Because the book deals with technological opinions on whether technology should play a role in society the book reminded me of the Pokemon who is kind of like a robot.

I also chose Registeel because it’s a legendary Pokemon and there is a very important piece of technology that comes up in the book.

Amazon: Icebreaker

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Pokemon Reads Tag Flying Type


Blue is a newsboy with a secret, she’s a girl. There is a war going on, and Blue loves living and working at the Bugle, the only paper in town that tells the truth. She doesn’t want to be stuck like the other girls, selling cookies to help the struggling economy.

While trying to get away from some rival newsboys, Blue stumbles into the lair of a scientist. Jack is weird and forgetful, so he offers Blue and internship to help with daily tasks and get his lab cleaned out. 

This sends Blue off on an adventure that will leave her questioning the truth of her city and her paper? Amongst the uproar will she be able to find the truth to be herself?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Murkrow


Murkrow reminds me of NewsPrints because of a character that shows up in the story and their role in the war between the two countries. Murkrow is also the Darkness Pokemon so it also fits the character that shows up.

The Someday Birds

Charlie is autistic and his normal life has been changing ever since his war journalist father was injured in Afghanistan has now returned home.

His family has to head across the country, from Virgina to California for Charlie’s father to get medical treatment. Charlie reluctantly ends up traveling with his sister, a mysterious family friend and makes it his mission to spot all the birds he sees along the way.

He and his father had been planning a bird watching trip before his father’s injury. So if he spots all the birds he and his father had been planning to see, his father might just get better. 

I’m cautious about this book because I don’t believe the author is autistic and the chance for getting autism portrayed incorrectly goes up when that’s the case.

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is:Rowlet


I chose it because it reminds me of the birds that Charlie is trying to spot.

Amazon:The Someday Birds


Freya is about to be a Valkyrie but she doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her mother and sisters. She certainly doesn’t want anything to do with humans whose souls she’s going be reaping and bringing back to Vallhalla, the Hall of Heros.

But as she sees their world she begins to wonder what it would be like to interact with them and not bring death with just a touch, and when she’s sent on her first solo mission. To reap the soul of a fallen soldier with unfished business, she finds herself on a quest to the mortal world.

Will Freya find the true meaning of being a human, or will she finally accept her destiny?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Articuno


Because it’s a legendary Pokemon and Valkyrie’s are legendary figures also, they both can fly and it’s cold where Freya comes from and Articuno is also an ice Pokemon.

Amazon: Valkyrie

The Storm Crow

Thia was supposed to be a crow rider, that’s before everything fell apart.

In her kingdom of Rhodaire, magical elemental crows are what keeps the city running. They control all the elements.

But when the Illucian empire they rob Thia not only of her mother and her mentor but they destroy all the crows and crow eggs in a horrible fire.

Now Thia’s sister Caliza is the new queen of Rhodaire and she has been forced to agree to marry Thia to the Illucian crown prince in order to help save the kingdom and her people. Prince Ericen is every bit the evil prince and Thia can’t imagine going to an enemy city that has taken so much from her.

But before she and her sister find a crow egg in the rubble of the rookery. With it, in the heart of Ilucia she must ignite a rebellion and take back what was stolen from her.

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Corviknight


This one was pretty simple, Corviknight is the crow Pokemon so it made perfect sense. It’s also used as a ride Pokemon in the game.

Amazon: The Storm Crow

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Pokemon Reads Tag-Fire Type

The fire at the Triangle Waist Company in New York City, which claimed the lives of 146 young immigrant workers, is one of the worst disasters since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 

The story is told through the points of view of three very different young women. Bella, who has just emigrated from Italy and doesn’t speak a word of English; Yetta, a Russian immigrant and crusader for labor rights; and Jane, the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Through a series of twists and turns, the women become close friends and all find themselves in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on March 25, 1911, the day of the fateful fire.

Margaret Peterson Haddix with her usual flair for suspense keeps you guessing about who makes it out alive right till the very end. 

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is Combusken


Because it’s likely to combust like things did in the fire, it’s also a fighting Pokemon like the young women fighting for their rights.

Amazon: Uprising

A Spark of White Fire

The first book in a sci-fi retelling of the Mahabrahata, also great for the Year of the Asian Readathon.

Esmae is a princess that was sent away by her cursed mother. But all she’s ever wanted is to return home. Esmae has been raised far from her family on the planet Kali and would do anything to return to them.

When the King of Wychstar offers to gift the unbeatable, sentient warship Titania to a warrior that can win his competition, she sees her way home. She’ll enter the competition, reveal her true identity to the world.

She’ll also help her famous exile prince brother win back his crown. It will all be perfect. 

Until it falls apart. 

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Charizard


Because it’s it’s a very powerful Pokemon and the book deals a lot with power and is based off an epic.

Amazon: A Spark of White Fire

The Unbreakable Code 

In a book all about codes, Emily and James are on high-alert towards the mysterious Mr. Quisling, who is definitely up to something mysterious. He drops a coded note at a book event, then leaves a series of encrypted messages in Mark Twain books.

But every book they find also seems to trigger an arson. As they dig deeper they realize Mr. Quisling is hunting a legendary historical puzzle called: The Unbreakable Code. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that he may very well be the arsonist.

Emily and James will have to choose between mystery and solving the arson attacks, as they race to crack the code of a lifetime even as the fire multiply.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is:Magmortar


This Pokemon reminds me of the mysterious arsonist in the book because it’s destructive it’s even called the Blast Pokemon.

Amazon: The Unbreakable Code



Picking up where The Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile left off, The Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze finds Sophie Foster is facing problems both at home and with her friends. Now that she can do mind healings, healings that bring a person back from a coma-like state which destroys their mind and memories called a break.

This ability is coming under fire from the Council, who are concerned about who it should and should not be used on, especially when it comes to the person who helped protect Sophie’s existence, Prentice. 

Not only that but the rebels may be closing in, when Sophie finds a tracker on her alicorn friend Silveny, it’s clear that the rebels can get anywhere they want and that they are after Silveny. They also keep finding a way to track Sophie, and when she find out that their enemies, the orges may be involved the stakes become higher.

Things get even more dangerous when the Council orders Sophie to heal mysterious pyrokinetic Fintan.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Blaziken


This Pokemon reminds me of this book partly because of its powers and partly because it sorta kinda looks like the villain.

You can also find my review here but beware of spoilers!

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze Review

Amazon: Everblaze

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Pokemon Reads Tag Ground Type

For this Pokemon type, I’m going to be a little bit more abstract, these are going to be books where the ground underneath the characters’ feet was shaken or taken from underneath them.

Greystone Secrets #1: The Strangers

The Greystone kids thought they knew everything about their life and their mother. It’s just been the four of them after all. Chess has been a protector to his younger siblings, Emma, who loves math, and Finn who seem naive and loves being silly.

But things change when their mom finds a report of three kidnapped children with their exact names, first, middle, and last. They also share identical birthdays. Before they can ask their mom about all this she leaves them with a relative stranger Ms. Morales and her daughter Natalie. Their mom claims she’s going on a work trip but the kids don’t quite buy it.

But soon the kids discover clues that lead them to an even stranger mysteries. Ones with hidden rooms and ciphers, and things that will turn their whole world upside down.

Amazon: The Greystone Secrets: The Strangers

You can also find my review of the book here, but be careful of spoilers.

The Greystone Secrets Review

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Marowak


The reason I chose Marowak is that mothers play a big role in Marowak’s mythology, and while this book is not so extreme, mothers are still at the center of some world-shattering secrets.

Born Scared

Elliot has suffered from extreme anxiety from birth. He usually stays in his room and his medication takes care of the most extreme symptoms he has. But his anxiety is always still there, waiting for a chance to strike.

When a mixup happens at the pharmacy on Christmas Eve, Elliot’s mother must go out to get Elliot’s pills herself right before a snowstorm is about to hit, she should be back in minutes.

Hours later when she still hasn’t returned Elliot sees no choice but to push past his fears and leave the house to find her, but what happens as the rest of the medication wears off and his anxiety comes out full force?

Will he be able to face his fears and find his mother, or will his anxiety bring him to his breaking point?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Diglett


Elliot spends lots of time in his room like Diglett does underground but when it does come up to fight it is a strong Pokemon.

Amazon: Born Scared

Serafina and the Seven Stars

Serafina and Braeden have faced down all nature of paranormal things over the years at Biltmore. Serafina is now considered the Guardian of Biltmore Estate, but after having won battle after battle peace is making her jumpy.

She also not certain of her place now that Braeden has gone away to boarding school in NYC. So when Mr. Vanderbilt asks her to move upstairs to a grand room to help her keep an eye on guests coming for a Biltmore tradition she thinks maybe she’s finally found a new place. 

But as Serafina investigates she begins to mistrust her home and her own senses, was Braeden really home for a night or is he far away in NYC? Is the house turning against itself or is she jumping at shadows?
After Serafina witnesses a crime that shouldn’t be possible she begins to doubt her own heart? After all, how can all that once seemed good and worthy of protection now be evil? Will she find her way with Braden’s help or will her world truly stay turned upside down. 


The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Golett


Golett reminds me of the enemies they face Serafina and the Seven Stars.

Amazon: Serafina and the Seven Stars

The Disaster Days

This one is a tiny bit more literal about the ground being shaken under your feet.

Hannah Steele loves her home outside Seattle on tiny Pelling island. It’s a bit disconnected from the outside world but that’s never been a bad thing. She’s also always felt totally safe there.

That’s why when she’s asked to babysit after school one day it should be no big deal, Zoe and Oscar are next-door neighbors, she’s taken a babysitting class, that makes her an expert right? 

No matter that she left her inhaler at home today. 

And things would have been fine except for the earthquake, it only lasts four minutes but it changes everything, damaging the house, knocking out the power, making cell service non-existent.

What’s worse, both the ferry and the bridge that connect the kids to help and their parents are down, which means they are alone and stranded with Hannah in charge as things go from bad to dangerous. 

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Groudon


Because a legendary Pokemon literally called the Continent Pokémon, which could shift continents and cause earthquakes.

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Pokemon Reads Tag Bug Type

So I struggled awhile on how to do this type, but I finally settled on doing books about characters who transformed throughout the book.

Annie’s Life in Lists

Annie transforms from a quiet girl with a great memory. A memory she’s afraid of, she’s worried it made her family have to move and messed up her life, so in her new life she’s staying quiet, she’s not messing this new chance at a school and friends up again.

But being quiet and hiding who you are isn’t doesn’t work forever. And as Annie finds out she’s not the only one trying to hide something she starts to question her new life and find her voice, not only at home but among her new friends as well.

Throughout the book, she transforms into someone who is able to use her voice and be herself, without fear of her abilities and others’ judgment.

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Leavanny


One of the reasons I picked it is because it evolves when it reaches a high friendship level, something that is important in the book, also, it sort of looks like a clover, which are important to the plot of the book.

Amazon: Annie’s Life in Lists

Princess Who Flew with Dragons

Princess Sofia of Drachenburg is a failure at being a princess. That’s why her older sister crown princess Katrin wants to send her away on a diplomatic mission to Villene. She’s not surprised she’s being used for her sister’s political gains, after all, she’s already been used as a hostage to invading dragons and promised to marry an evil fairy. 

But when she gets a hint of freedom after being dismissed by the Queen of Villene, she’s happier than she’s ever been, but her sister is on the way to shatter that happiness, not to mention, the ice giants that show up and freeze her sister alive.

Will she be able to be a princess like her sister, one who stands up and saves the day? Or will she find her own way to solve the problem and get everyone out of the situation safely and become her own kind of princess?

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is Araquanid


It reminds me of this book because at first Sofia is in a bubble with people trying to protect her, later on as she evolves as a character she is able to take characters and put them in her own protective area.

Amazon: The Princess Who Flew with Dragons

1The Witch Boy

Aster knows he’s supposed to be a witch, but in a family where boys are shapeshifters and girls are witches, Aster must fight gender norms and prove who he really is meant to be all the while facing a malevolent force that is trying to attack his family.

When it’s up to him to stop the evil that hits close to home, will he be ready to stand as a witch? No matter what his family thinks.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is Venomoth


This Pokemon reminds me of this book because while it appears harmless it is also a poison type and capable of protecting itself. Aster also must fight a poison force in the book so I think its especially appropriate.

Amazon: The Witch Boy

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Pokemon Reads Poison Type

The Door to the Lost

Talhaven used to run on magic, but since it lost it’s connection to another magical world, the place where the two worlds used to be connected has been poisoned. Just before the gate between the two worlds closed a skyship full of magical children came through all with no memories of their homes. Exactly what Talhaven wanted, because now everyone hates magic. 

Rook and Drift are two of the orphans from the ship. Talhaven doesn’t trust magic anymore, because magic doesn’t just die, it decays, twists, and poisons all it touches and now that poison is going after people. 

While Rook and Drift can’t remember anything about their life before Talhaven they may be the only ones who are able to save their adopted new world, if that world doesn’t destroy them first.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Weezing


The book reminds me of Weezing because Weezing corrupts the air around it with poison gas. In this book, an area of a city is corrupted by bad magic.

Amazon: The Door to the Lost


In Jason Zhou’s world society is divided, the rich use their wealth to buy longer lives and wear special suits that protect them from the pollution and viruses that run rampant throughout the city. Those without suffer illness and early death.

Zhou is frustrated by the inequity and the loss of his mother because of it, so he decides he’s going to change things no matter the cost.

With the help of his friends, he infiltrates the richest of the rich the international Jin Corporation. Jin Corp not only manufactures the special suits the rich rely on, but they may also be manufacturing the pollution that makes them necessary.

But his plans become muddled as he finds himself in the world of excess and against his better judgment he starts to fall for Daiyu, the daughter of Jin Corp’s CEO. Can Zhou fulfill his plan? Or will Zhou’s heart lead him astray?

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Garbodor


The reason this book reminds me of Garbodor is because of the pollution people in this world have to face.

Amazon: Want

The Orphan Queen

When  Princess Wilhelmina was a child, the Indigo Kingdom invaded her homeland. In the ten years since she and several other rebel children have been planning to reclaim Wil’s throne. They have a plan to do so that involves Wil and her best friend Melanie infiltrating the Indigo Kingdom palace to get vital information that will help their forces succeed.

But Wil has a secret, it could change everything and save the kingdom, but it also puts her in danger every time she uses it. She has magic, which has been illegal for a century because it creates wraith, a deadly vapor that poisons people and the land and has been moving through the land and destroying it for years. 

The Black Knife is a vigilante who tries to stop people from using magic, and if he catches Wil using hers, he may very well end her before she has a chance to help start and rebellion at all. 

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Toxicroak


This Pokemon reminds me of this book because there is a poison going over the land in the book. It also reminds me of the shape people take when poisoned by magic. 

Amazon: The Orphan Queen

The Castle Behind Thorns

When Sand, a blacksmith’s apprentice wakes up in a ruined castle with no idea how he got there, he finds himself in an odd situation. Poison thorns that surround the castle keep him from leaving.

So he starts fixing stuff survive only things start working better than they should when he fixes them, and he perhaps brings back to life, though he refuses to believe it, the heiress to the castle, Perrotte.

Perrotte isn’t sure if she was dead but has her own ideas about being back from, ‘whatever’ and she and Sand butt heads and first, she is the one who tries to convince him he’s better at healing things than he should be.

She also tries to find the answer to how she got to be dead in her fuzzy memories, but maybe her memories are fuzzy for a reason.

Everything in the castle is more connected than Sand and Perrotte realize and they must work together to repair all the broken pieces if they ever want to leave.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Seviper


This Pokemon reminds me of this book because of the role the poison thorns play around the castle and the role of a character in the story.

The Castle Behind Thorns


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Pokemon Reads Tag Fairy Type

The Girl with the Dragon Heart

While The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart focuses more on Dragons, this book focuses more on Burgis’ worlds version of faries. They are from a place called Elfenwald, hate dragons. They are like Tolkien-eqsue elves, smart, they have a way with words and promises and they offer riches untold. They are also thought of as very elegant. They This was A Mighty Girl Best Book of the Year for 2019, and I can see why filled with female friendship unlikely families and strong heroines, it is one of my favorite books of 2020, so far along with The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Xerneas

Active Mode

Because Xerneas is a legendary Pokemon people hardly ever see, and the fairies are very rarely seen in this world.

Amazon: The Girl with the Dragon Heart

Ella Enchanted 

How could I not bring in Gail Carson Levine when we were talking about faries? A fairy plays a big role in Ella‘s life, giving her the ‘blessing’ of being obedient. She must find creative ways around this command when she is stuck with a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. I love Ella because she’s bookish and smart and thinks her way out of problems.

The Pokemon that reminds me of this book is: Sylveon


Because it’s the evolved fairy form of Eevee, and Ella has to evolve with a fairy involved in her life.

Amazon: Ella Enchanted

The Two Princesses of Bamarre

Fairies play more of a hands-off role in this book, but they are very important, the book is about the two princesses of Bamarre who couldn’t be more different. Princess Addie is shy where Princess Meryl is bold. Addie wants to stay in the castle in the kingdom while Meryl goes off adventuring. Meryl wants to be Bamarre’s hero.

But Meryl gets sick, Addie must set out on a quest that was meant for Meryl, with a little help from her wizard friend she must battle ogres, specters, gryphons, and dragons.

But time is running out for her sister and her kingdom. Can Addie save them both, or will she prove she isn’t cut out for adventure?

The Pokemon this book reminds me of is: Audino


I chose this Pokemon because it’s a Pokemon involved in healing in the Pokemon series and healing is something the faries can do in this book and is very important to their powers.

Amazon: The Two Princesses of Barmarre

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