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October Goals

October, one of my favorite months because there is a focus on all things spoopy and it feels like the start of the holiday season to me, I’m hoping to be more productive in October. Oh and hopefully read some good horror.

1) Try to get my reading up again.

I read 6 books last month, I read 13 the month before I’d like to get back in the over ten category. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hit 100 for the year but I’d like to do more than I did last year which is 81. So I’ll try and get some solid reading done in October so I can get close to that goal.

2) Post twice a week.

October looks like it’s going to be busy so I’m not going to push myself to post as often as before. If I end up with more post per week I’m fine with that, but I’m not going to beat myself up about not posting everyday, especially with some of the stuff I’ve got going on in my life. Which I’ll talk about in my weekly wrapup tomorrow. The blog is a priority but it can’t be first priority in October.

3) Post more of my old reviews

I’ve been so focused on reading I’ve let a lot of reviews built up so that I have a backup of them. I want to fix that and get my opinions out there, especially since we all know a your mind can forgot the book after awhile.

4) Get metrics up on the website

This one I really don’t control, other than posting every day which I’m probably not going to do, but I want to see more traffic on the website so I’m going to try and follow other bloggers and get more followers as well.

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Goals Check In

I had some goals at the beginning of the month, and they were perhaps a little overambitious I’m going to post them here and tell you how I did.

1) Read 15 books in September

So I ended up reading 13 books in August which is a month record. This month was kind of a was because I ended up emotionally stunted about a disability hearing then caring for a family member. I still managed to read 5 books so I think despite the challenging circumstances I still did pretty good. I still might finish one book this week so that might put me up to six.

2) Post 3 times a week.

Yeah, that didn’t happen for the same reasons above I’d look at the blog screen and be emotionally blocked. But due to the importance of my disability hearing I had to give the blog a backseat for a few weeks, then someone in my family got hurt and I became a caregiver so another thing went ahead of the blog

3) Post reviews shortly after I finish the book

I’ve been doing better about this recently however I’ve got July and August reviews that I need to post because I was so busy reading and not taking time to post. I’m slowly working on that so you’ll see some older reviews coming up.

4) Get posts ready ahead of time.

Yeah, this just needs to be a goal in October. I’m able to do this for the short term, maybe for a week, but but I want to be able to be a month ahead on my posts, especially coming into my favorite seasons.

My goals include is posting more about my readathons while I’m taking part, that’s something I’m going to try to do in October. Be more present I suppose, I know I haven’t been as present to the blog this year and I think that’s my recovery from my leg but during my favorite season my goal it’s my one of my goals to and get back to engaging more.

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September Goals: Working on Improvements

I’ve missed doing this feature for the last couple of months mostly because I wasn’t meeting any of my goals. But I’m feeling better and more confident about meeting my goals, because I have more energy and am further out from my injury. September is going to be a good month.

1) Read 15 books in September

I’ve read 10 books so far this month, and I still have time so I’ll probably read 12 or 13. So I want to push myself to read a little more so maybe I can catch up to my goal of 100 books this year.

2) Post 3 times a week.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting regularly so I need to get back into that. At least 3 times a week seems reasonable to get back into the posting pattern.

3) Post reviews shortly after I finish the book

I’ve gotten behind on posting reviews after I finish the book and I think that would really help improve my reviews.

4) Get posts ready ahead of time.

I’ve been posting on the day of for awhile and I want to get back to being ahead of the curve.

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Extremely Productive Month

So I thought August wasn’t going to amount to much reading wise. Instead it became an extremely productive reading month I’ve had to date since I’ve started reading seriously. Now posting on the blog fell behind which I’m going to try to remedy next month. But I read A LOT. A few were picture books but most were novels, and I may be able to fit a few in more in before the end of the month.

It’s a good thing too since I’ve got two extremely major readathons coming coming up. They both require a lot of books and a lot of time spent. Those two readathons are BookoplAthon and Orillium, one is readathon inspired by Monopoly and the other is a journey to a magical school. So the books I’ve read this month were great training for the TON of reading I’m going to do next month.

Let’s talk about the books I’ve read this month shall we 13 in all. 13! For some of you who hit double digits often this may not sound like a lot but I’ve been having trouble getting out of the low single digits so it’s a big success for me, so I’m going to try for 15-20 next month.

Below are the books I’ve read this month.

The Dragon Egg Princess by [Ellen Oh]
The Revenge of Magic by [James Riley]
Dark Waters by [Katherine Arden]
Hide and Don't Seek: And Other Very Scary Stories by [Anica Mrose Rissi]
The Last Dragon (The Revenge of Magic Book 2) by [James Riley]
Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) by [Victoria Schwab]
The Forgotten Girl by [India Hill Brown]
In My Mosque by [M. O. Yuksel, Hatem Aly]
Say It Out Loud by [Allison Varnes]

So as we can see I have a lot of reviews to do, well as some reviews from the summer that I’ve missed. I’ll try to get to all that in September. But it’s nice to look at all the reading I’ve done in a visual form. Most of this reading was done for the two readathons I was taking part in this month, which were, The Royal Readathon, and the Trope-ical Readathon. I feel particularly accomplished this year because I hit most of the prompts on the Trope-ical Readathon.

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Midsummer Goals-Improving in the 2nd Half

Looks like I didn’t put up any June goals or none that I can find. But since it’s around Midsummer I’m going to just look at June and July and into the second half of the year.

In June I,

  1. Read six books, moving back up toward the ten-a-month goal. And it was almost seven I was at like 83% on book 7 last night.
  2. Posted mostly regularly. I will explain why my post are falling off at the end of the week in my next post.
  3. Did a look at my reading habits so far for the year.
  4. Found Readathons for the next two months.

What I plan to do in July

Since it Midsummer I’m starting to look into the second half of the year.

Since July is the first part of the second half of the year, I want to start it off right.

  1. I want to read 10 books this month finally.
  2. I want to complete at least one of the challenges for my readathon.
  3. I want to get better numbers than last month on the blog.
  4. And I want to connect more on social media.

Check out the readathons I’m doing here and here.

I can’t believe that the year is half over, I’m not sure I’m going to make it to my original 100 book goal. I’m still trying but I’m currently at 40. So I’m really going to have to put on the gas the second half of the year to hit that goal. There are a couple of reasons I still think I can hit it though one we will be going into fall and winter, the seasons when I’m extremely productive for some reason. Two my libraries have been very good about releasing new releases to the online platforms shortly after they come out. For example all the wonderful LGBTQ books that came out for Pride month are now on my online platform. Anyway it’s giving me a better opportunity to read great books hence more content for the blog.

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Keep Up as Summer Comes: May Goals

Allowing myself to keep a slow pace on healing was the theme of April. I’m doing much better now and even made it out to some stores today now that I have full immunity. I can’t wait to get out to book shop, once to gas shortage calms down. We’ve been in pretty hard lockdown since March 2019 so it’s nice to get out finally.

1)Try and keep posting ahead of time

Since I’ve gotten better from my injury I’ve found I had a whole lot to do to make up for my time down while I was recovering. Do you know there is this weird phenomena that when you have an injury you literally lose all your things. I couldn’t keep up with a game controller. Which was no where near I injured myself, several outfits and remotes.

2) Finishing up my books from previous months

I’ve still got a lot books from the Disability and Autistic Readathons. Some of the are really good and I want to get the reviews out, so I want to do that in May.

3) Celebrate AAPI authors this month!

I’ve already got several AAPI authors lined up to read this month including Joan He The One We’re Meant to Find to keep me current, The Dragon Egg Princess by Ellen Oh, and Andrea Tang’s Rebelwing. That’s just a few of the ones on the list,

4) Get back to 10 books a month.

I got close last month but healing keeps making tired, think the gif of the book keeps falling onto the person’s face because they’re asleep. That’s me, trying to get any reading in.

5) Look for Readathons for this month/next month

I know there are going to be a lot of Pride readathons in June so I’m going to probably one of those. But I’d love to try another Readathon, so if you know of any cool ones send them my way.

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March Goals

March is going to be better than Febuary for several reason most all of them being doctor visits. My the doctor who did the operation on my foot is finally going to let me put some weight on it, not all weight but I don’t care, some weight means crutches or a walker and not being on the couch all the time. I’m also getting shots for Botox so my headaches won’t be as bad. Which hopefully means more reading and a happier blogger.

1.Try and read 10 books

I did this in January, and I read six this month. I’d just want to keep pace for my yearly goal.

2. Try and get ahead on blog posts.

Forever my goal. Always my inspriation.

3. Look for another read-a-thon.

If you guys know of any cool ones please post in the comments.

4. Work on my Dungons and Dragons Book Lists.

I already have some good ideas for them and you should see them coming out throughout March.

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February Wrap-up

Oh Febuary you’ve been a long month. This month has seemed like a year and I haven’t read that many books. What did I plan at the beginning of month and did I accomplish it. Partly yes and partly no but since it seems like everything was particularly against me this month I’ll take what I can get.

1) Get ahead on posts.

This just did not happen, the stars were very much not aligned for this.

2) Do some kind of Ace Awareness thing for Valentine’s Day

I did do this, I put together a post for Valentine’s Day highlighting ace characters.

3)Find a read-a-thon I like.

I couldn’t find one hopefully next month?

4) More interaction, book tour maybe?

I didn’t do a book tour but I did get approved for an ARC which I enjoyed so that was good at least.

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December Goals

1) Get to my yearly stretch goal and figure out a goal for the New Year

I’d love to make it to 75 books January 1st. I’d also love for my book goal next year to be 100. Not sure if I can make it, but I think I’m going to aim high.

2) Have 500 views a month.

I surprised myself by getting over 450 views on the blog last month, so I’m shooting for my next goal.

3) Get ready and host my Christmas meme/challenge

It’s the same one I did last year, but I’ve read a lot more this year, plus I’ve grown as a blogger. I’m also going to look around for any good holiday challenges to participate in.

4) Try to get ahead on my posts

Just in case I have to do anything medical for my pain I’d like to just have some stuff in place to fall back on.

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November Wrap Up

Blog more!

This part definitely worked out more, I blogged almost every day of November and my numbers were through the roof.

Read more

I haven’t been reading as much this month as I’d liked to. So far I only hit 5 books, I think October was rare in the fact that I got 12 out of it. But I still think with the fact that I’m at 68, I’m going to be able to get 75 before January 1st.

Finish up Challenges and get ready for the ones at the end of the year.

While I’m not finished with my Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, I passed the first level which was the original goal I set for myself. I’m also working on IndiAThon, trying to read as many books by Indigenous authors as I can in November, I think that’s going to go into December. Finally I’m getting ready to set up my Christmas challenges.

Try to start looking at the technical side of blogging.

I think this needs to be my goal in the new year right now my focus seems to be own posting every day.

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