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February Goals

I know I need to catch up on my reading in February, and hopefully I will. I’m hoping I will have time to to read a little a bit while I’m focused on holding the readathon.

Try and read at least 10 books in February

This is the same goal for every month. I think I’ll hit it because of the Readathon. I’ve planned out a lot of books to read, For all the Readathons I’m doing my own and Royal Readathon I’ve got 22 on the list for the month, but I plan to double up, in several place so doubt I’ll be reading anywhere near that number.

Work on the Readathon in February

I’ve already done a lot of work ahead of the readathon. So now I’m just waiting for people to sign up and we’ll have a good time. If you guys have any questions I’m here, we’ve got a great prize package. It doesn’t matter if you’ve actually seen the show, you can probably find clips on Youtube. But we are going to have fun either way.

Start doing research and rough drafting for my novel

I said I wanted to do more writing this year and I need to put myself on a schedule if I’m going to get anything done. There is a lot of research to be done, I pretty much know how the story goes but I need to get the details figured out. I should probably do an outline. Anyway, that’s something I want to start working on this month.

Keep posting every day

I know I’ve done this well in January and I want to keep up the habit in Feburary. The daily posting has been showing in my numbers and I want to keep my numbers up and hopefully go above the month before. I want to see the curve go up and do the reverse of last year. And that takes posting

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Bookish events: Best of the Year

So if you’ve been reading here long, you know I’m a fan of readathons, memes, book tags any kind of fun communal that the bookish community puts on. But there are always events that stick out as particularly awesome. The organizers did a good job or the concept was particularly good. So I thought I’d highly the ones I particularly enjoyed. While there are many great bookish events here are some of my personal highlights.

1) Trope-ical Readathon

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I always get a ton of reading done when Trope-ical Readathon rolls around. So I’m going to call it most productive. It has another round coming up soon, in which I’ll happily participate, because it always helps me reach my book goals.

2) Autistic Pride Readathon


I really enjoyed this one because it focused on an important aspect of my personality that I got to spend time reading about, it also changed my view on indies so that was cool too. We’ll call this the most social justice focused readathon.

3) Path Or Pantheon

Path of Home

This vies with another for most elaborate readathon. It’s a great readathon that mixes books and mythology and I really hope to see it again next year as I was dealing with too much personal drama to really get to enjoy it this year. I’m also looking forward to the other readathon by @MythTakeReads, since I’ve never done a round of Make Your Myth Taker.

4) Orillium Readathon

This is the one that is vying for most elaborate, the readathon creator, created a whole world around the readathon including several species, and they are planning to do another round in the spring which I’m looking forward to. Readers choices also lead to several final schools within a larger school, so I have to give it most elaborate readathon. I can’t imagine the time they put in.


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Finally IndigAThon is one of my favorites towards the end of the year because it makes me reach to most in my reading. While I try to read Native books all year round this readathon just shows me how woefully behind I am. I like that it pushes my reading to where I’m reading more authors who should already be on my list.

As for all the Christmas readathons, of course I love them too. But with this I’m trying to reflect more on the readathons I’ve done throughout the year.

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Anniversary for the Blog!

So I’m not sure the exact date I started the blog I’m sure I could find it somewhere on WordPress but I forgot last year, so I wanted to say it was the second anniversary of me starting Plaid Reader Reviews. I’m pretty happy with how things have gone in these two years. I’ve gotten almost 200 followers (195) and written almost 500 posts (486) I’ve gotten a chance to be part of several fun blog tours, and read eArcs through Netgalley.

I’ve gotten to interview an author which I’d never thought I’d get to do, I’ve been to several virtual book festivals. Do I have any favorite moments to reflect on my 2nd anniversary, only that I hope the blog keeps growing and that I get more offers to work and be involved in things like readathons. I’m also doing my own readathon for Christmas but you’ll read more about. I think I’ve really grown as a blogger in the past two years. I’ve learned a basic amount about SEO, though I hope to improve that.

Where would I like to be next year? I’d like to maybe try Booktube or get back on Instagram. Since I’m disabled I need something lowkey I’m fine with working with lights but I don’t really have the money for a whole Booktube setup. Anyway it might be film degree to the rescue with simple ring lights.

I’d also like to get more ARCs, I haven’t contacted publishers but I might try that this year.

I also want to build on my Twitter following and be more active on Twitter I’d like to interact with more people, in fact I’d like to interact with people more across all platforms I want to find people that share my feelings on books as well as social issues like disability justice.

Anyway that’s what how I feel at 2 years. How did you feel on your blogaveries?

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Sick Bloggers Recovery Guide

Now if you haven’t been reading my weekly post you might not know I’m laid up for another month with a broken ankle. I had surgery, internal fixators, nurses commeting on how bad my injury was. THE DOCTOR commenting on how bad my injury was the works.

1)A Large TBR Pile

And while I really hope none of you end up on the sofa for two and half months with a broken ankle. I do know we all have times when we aren’t feeling our best. So I thought I’d share what worked for me to keep from going a little tired and annoyed from sitting in one place.

I’ve been reading since I came off the painkillers and I think it’s help distract me from any lingering pain, plus perfectionist that I am, even with a broken ankle I’m still worried about my reading goal for the year so I’ve managed to keep up pace with my goal. You however shouldn’t worry about your reading goals and heal instead, I’m just stubborn.


If you don’t have Kindle Unlimted or Comixology, or Scribd consider the often off free trials. I payed $5 to try Kindle for two months, by then I should at least be off the couch and the same for the Comixology plan, I’m not sure about Scribd’s free trial as I recieved it as a gift for this year for Christmas but I’m sure they have something similar.

This way you’ll be able to explore new content and keep yourself interested in reading.

3) Consider less days a week

I’m not doing this but it might the right choice for you. The personal reason I’m keeping my blog daily is it makes me feel productive especially when I don’t feel productive doing anything else. But if you are having a rough recovery you may want to back off to post once or only a couple times a week.

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