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Favorite Duos

Since Valentines Day is coming up I wanted to give a shot out to some of my favorite duos. This list focuses on friendships or unrequited love. There is nothing like a good duo to give a otherwise boring book some flare. Now I’m all for trios and big groups of friends and may even do posts on that throughout the month. What do I look for in a good duo banter mostly. High levels of snark. A good camaraderie between the two parties. Here are my top five:

1) City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts by [Victoria Schwab, V. E. Schwab]

Cassidy and Jacob have just the right level of snark, and I know you might argue this is a trio since Laura makes her way into the books a lot, I can see that, but at the heart of it is Cassidy and Jacob, their connection anchors the books despite all the ghosts and other things we see it all feels real because we’re coming at it through the eyes of two best friends, and also they are extremely snarky to each other, about the situations they are in, it just add something light to the books that could get too dark and scary for the younger readers its aimed it.

Amazon: City of Ghosts

2) Before I Let Go

Before I Let Go by [Marieke Nijkamp]

This book is so special because you can only see one side of the friendship and the other is told through flashbacks, it is an elegant portrayal of mental health and the friendship that was made through it. It’s a lovely tale of understanding and reaching out for help, and trying to find justice. This is the one serious pick for the list but I’d read it again. The friendship between Corey and Kyra deserves its place among the top duos.

Amazon: Before I Let Go

3) Starfish

Starfish by [Lisa Fipps]

Ellie and her friend Catalina is the friend every young fat girl needs in her life. Ellie’s mom fat shames her while Catalina’s mom and her family accept her and her size. Catalina encourages Ellie’s confidence in wearing and doing things her mother had put on the no go list. These two help each other win. When Catalina has a problem Ellie is her biggest cheerleader. Okay so maybe Before I Let Go wasn’t the only serious book, but Starfish is wonderful if I can have a favorite book it’s this one, and also the next one I can’t just pick one favorite okay. Everyone go buy 10 copies.

Amazon: Starfish

4) Vespertine

Vespertine by [Margaret Rogerson]

Though Starfish is my favorite on the list Vespertine made me laugh the most. Artemisia and the Revenant are the ultimate snarky duo. Seriously every other line is a smart remark and yet the have a strange way of caring about each other, who would have though the death nun and the possing somewhat evil spirit would win for win for best comedy but seriously they do. I’d like to have tea with them just for the laughs.

Amazon: Vespertine

5) Stargazing

Moon and Christine are a great duo Though Christine is initially put off by Moon unique way she soon finds she has a lot to learn from her next door neighbor, like the way Moon is willing to be friends with everyone and do things that are a little off the wall. They also do things Christine’s strict mom won’t allow like painting their toenails! But when a medical event happens Christine wonders if Moon will still be her Moon after the operation of if things will have changed. This is a great book for apricating people as they are.

Amazon: Stargazing

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How has the Pandemic affected your blogging?

I’m going to start by saying I know this is a very privileged question, with so many people in the hospital and or way behind on their rent, or out of a job, being able to worry about something like blogging is a luxury. But I wanted to talk about how the pandemic has affected my processes as a blogger and wondering if it has affected you all similarly.

First off, the pandemic has limited my acesss to books, not completly, I do have acesss to two libraries and a book subsciption service. However I feel like my content was more varied and diverse, and of course and got to grab new releases faster when I had a brick and mortar library on hand.

As a blogger with limited fiances this has hit me fiancially as I’ve had to buy some of the books that I otherwise would have just checked out. I know that’s not a problem for everyone but it’s been an issue for me.

I also feel like I’ve had to give up most of my work with Bookstagram, due to the lack of having a library with non-digital copies of books. I’ve tried shooting with my iPad, and maybe it’s just me that hasn’t caught the trick but I can get my iPad and props to look right together. The glare is its own issue, maybe I just need to spend more time working on photography?

On a high note though I feel like things have slowed down to the point where I’m able to post on the blog every day, and I’m able to read more, which is good because I want to hit my 100 book this year goal and keep posting every day.

So maybe I’ve lost some things from my blogging routine but I’ve also gained some things too.