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Pokemon Reads Tag-Grass Type

Grass Type Pokemon are one of the first three types of Pokemon you encounter in any game. You get to choose your starting Pokemon from these three types. Here is the grass starter I picked for Pokemon: Sheild Grookey. Cute right? So I thought I'd stick to nature-based books or ones about the environment when… Continue reading Pokemon Reads Tag-Grass Type

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Pokemon Reads Tag-Dragon Type

For this post we will be talking about books that remind me of Dragon-Type Pokemon. Out of all the eighteen types of Pokemon Dragon-Type Pokemon are some of the toughest in the games. They are often legendary or somewhat legendary Pokemon which a group of incredibly rare and often very powerful Pokemon. For each book,… Continue reading Pokemon Reads Tag-Dragon Type

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Backlog Review: Amina’s Voice

One of my favorite Hena Khan books, Amina's Voice is one of those books I re-read at least every couple of months, it's so positive and sweet. Amina's Voice by Hena Khan Pakistani-American Muslim girl Amina isn't sure about all the changes middle school is bringing. Amina doesn't like the spotlight, she's got stage fright… Continue reading Backlog Review: Amina’s Voice

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Backlog Reviews: The Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

In my continued backlog reviews, I'm focusing on the next book in Shannon Messenger's The Keeper of The Lost Cities series. The fourth book Neverseen is also one of my favorites. TW: Mention of torture, and murder. Spoilers for Neverseen * * * * * * * After the events of the last book, Sophie… Continue reading Backlog Reviews: The Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

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Review: The Girl with the Dragon Heart

This is the second in a loosely connected trilogy be Stephaine Burgis. The universe is the same, but the characters that the book focuses on are different with each book. The Girl with the Dragon Heart The Girl with the Dragon Heart is about Silke, Aventurine's best friend who helped her find her way as… Continue reading Review: The Girl with the Dragon Heart