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Dungeon’s and Dragons Book Class List-Bard

In Duegons and Dragons Bards are storytellers who use the power of their music to make magic and expand what their party can do. They can do cureing wounds with their magic to charming people, and their past is often not as important as the stories they tell about them. For this list, I left… Continue reading Dungeon’s and Dragons Book Class List-Bard

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Middle Grade Books Coming Out This Week

So how is the first week of Feburary going for everyone Chef Yasmina and the Potato Panic Yasmina isn’t like the other kids in her city. Maybe it’s the big chef hat she wears. Or the fact that she stuffs her dad’s lunchbox full of spring rolls instead of peanut butter and jelly. She might… Continue reading Middle Grade Books Coming Out This Week

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Princess Reads: The Little Mermaid

Some of these are directly inspired some of them just remind me of the basic story, such as To Kill a Kingdom, which is sort of a reverse Little Mermaid situation. Sea Witch Summary A cross between Wicked meets the "The Little Mermaid" this is the captivating origin story of one of literatures most iconic… Continue reading Princess Reads: The Little Mermaid