Review Policy

If you would like me to review your ARC or ebook please let me know. However, I would like a chance to look over it first before committing to a review. If you send me a copy of a book I will get back to you within the week about whether or not I can review it.

I’m also willing to offer my services as a sensitivity reader for books with characters with mental health issues and autism.

As a reader however I expect trigger warning to be put on work. If you think your work contains something potentially triggering, please put a warning on it. Better safe than sorry. Thank you!

Genres I’m willing to review:


Middle Grade

Some YA.

I’m not a fan of romance so if your YA is romance based I will give it a chance, however, that is not primarily my focus. I will also only commit to a number of reviews that I can handle. So if I say no, please message me again later, as I may just not have the time at the moment.