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Leo The Lion

So that 24 hour readathon really took a lot out of me, I think with my medicine and chronic illness it will probably be the last one for me. Too many recovery days. Getting back to our Zodiac posts our next sign is Leo, often represented by a Lion.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac (July 22 to August 23), it is a

-fixed sign

-fire sign

-ruled by the Sun

Leo Personality

Sign Positives

People born under this sign are natural born leaders with natural charm. They are dramatic self confident and extremely difficult to resist. On the positive side Leos can achieve anything in any area of life they commit to. They often have many friends and are generous and loyal people.

Self confident they are able to unite different groups toward a shared cause. They also have a great sense of humor which makes uniting people easier. People who are this sign are also warmhearted, loving to laugh and they love to have a good time. These people like to use their mind to solve complicated problems.

Sign Negatives

On the bad side they can have a dominant personality. They can easily ask for everything they need and easily unconsciously neglect the needs of those around them in their own chase for personal gain or status.

The can easily become too fond of their achievements and status setting themselves up for a downfall. They will use their anger as a protective wall to shield their vulnerabilities. They want to be perceived as unbreakable because they are scared of admitting vulnerability, needing things from other people, being incomplete.

What does this sign hate

This sign despises being bossed around. They feel very much in charge of their own worlds and destiny. Leos are perpetually wounded by perceived betrayal and abandonment. They wield their pride as a sword to wield to protect themselves. Their ingrained need to be acknowledged and validated can be can border on narcissistic.

They hate being told what to do, but if you get them to think it was their idea you can usually persuade them. This sign demands respect and they don’t take kindly to people who don’t respect them.


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Crab Characters

We explored the sign Cancer and how they like home and family and how if they get in fights its usually to protect their home and family. While many characters fit the trope of loving home and family I thought I’d highlight a few of our Cancer characters traits by showing a few of Crab examples.

Red, White and Whole

Despite her wanting to pull away early in the book like a normal teen, she really does love her family deeply, and they really do love her. She’s willing to fight her own issues and fight for her mom. That’s why I think Reha is one of our Crab characters willing to at home with the family and only willing to start a fight when it comes to them.

What Stars Are Made Of

Libby is definitely a character who cares for her family above all else and is willing to put her work and her heart into making sure that her family is okay. In fact the whole plot of the book is her making a deal with the universe to make sure that her pregnant sister has a healthy baby. So she definitely fits our Crab type

Amazon: What Stars Are Made Of

Dear Student

Autumn is another character I could see as being one of our Crabs while she chares about her family she also cares about her two new friends and the animals around her as well. Also when she does fight in the book its because she fighting for something that she cares about animals, like Cancers do.

Amazon: Dear Student

These are just a few examples of Crab characters or those who fit the Cancer traits I’m going to get back to my Zodiac posts now that I have everything established. There will be updates throughout the month on how I’m doing and more Zodiac and Tarot content.

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The Crab

Basic Information

The fourth sign of the Zodiac Cancer or Crab in Latin people born under this sign: are born from June 21st to June 22to July 21 and July 22. Some things which we will discuss later about Cancer are the fact that it is

-A water sign

-A negative sign

-A cardinal sign


Cancers are deeply in touch with their intuition and Cancer can be one of the most challenging Zodiac signs to get to know. They are deeply in touch with their emotions and care about the matters of home and family, or found family. One of the easiest ways to insult a Cancer is to insult their family. They are sympathetic to their families needs and like to keep them close.

This sign can be very loyal to those they get close to and are able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering. They feel the most controlled by other planets that rule them, we’ll do a post on ruling planets soon. Especially because they are controlled by the moon and the moon is close.

Mood Swings of the Crab

As children they are prone to mood swings and don’t have the tools to deal with the outer world and need to be treated with kindness and understanding. They will slowly learn defensive mechanisms for the world and other ways to cope however.

They will continue to have mood swings later in life if not taken care with enough patience and love. Cancers content to be with their family and avoid conflict. The crab will only fight someone bigger than itself when it thinks itself or it’s family is being beat up on. If you see a Cancer in a conflict they are trying to help others and are probably not aware of their own strength. A cancer would do much better to avoid conflict.

Tomorrow we will examine any literary Cancers we can think of

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Gemini Literary Characters

So what character do I see as a Gemini? I promise I’m not going to make them all villains, I can’t promise a villain won’t show up, he fits the description perfectly. But otherwise were are going to focus on the positive here!

Mr. Today from the The Unwanteds

He’s a classic Gemini, he want’s to see the world, hence why he leaves his island, he’s excitable and very interesting in the world around him hence the reason he tried to start a new society in the first place. He still shows this side with the Unwateds and his creations in Artime. But you can see his contemplative side when he thinks about the his past and Justine’s past with Quill. Overall I think he fits the Gemini sign very well.

Amazon: The Unwanteds

The Smiling Man from the Small Space Quartet

I did say they wouldn’t all be villains but, he literally has two faces the glamor or evil one, and his true evil face. He’s a caricature of a Gemini. But Olly, Coco and Brian are always going to have to deal with one of his two faces, and whichever face they deal with it’s dangerous. Because he likes the world and wants his place in it and isn’t afraid of who he has to go through to get it.

Amazon: Empty Smiles

Ingrid from Fire Becomes Her

Ingrid wants to see the world and likes exciting and powerful things. She’s also willing to use underhanded methods to go after what she wants, now whether she can keep it up remains to be seen but so far I read she certainly seems to be a Gemini. She likes exploring the world even if it takes using two faces to do it and get what she wants.

Amazon: Fire Becomes Her

So who are your literary Geminis? Share them with me in the comments?

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The Twins-Gemini

The third sign in the Zodiac we are going to address after Taurus is Gemini this summer sign that goes from May 21 to June 20. Gemini is in fact set of bright stars the brightest of which are Castor and Pollox. Castor was originally thought to be brighter but that was because of historical issues with telescopes. Pollox is indeed the brighter star, named for historical twins.

These are the though they are the two brightest stars astronomically the two are quite different from each other. This makes sense also when we think about the Gemini personality. Gemini’s often get one of the worst reputations of all the signs, there are a few others which I’ll mention when we come to them. Those different twins, can lead to people thinking Gemini are two faced. While Gemini do seem to have two personalities its not necessarily a bad thing.

Gemini are expressive and quick witted and you’ll never know which side of them you’ll face which could be tough for some people to deal with, but Gemini’s just want to see everything they are social, communicative and ready for fun, but can at the drop of a hat turn serious and contemplative even a bit restless, as though there isn’t enough time to see and do everything they want to do. They really love the world and this is where that restlessness comes from.

Some things we will talk about later Gemini is an

Air Sign (The first one we’ve encountered, we’ll do a post to go over the elements soon)


Positive sign

In the next post we will explore characters we think have Gemini traits and try and take some of the negative stigma away from this misunderstood sign.


Gemini Info

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Manifesting the Magician: Bookish Characters

Since the Magician card is about manifesting your power I thought I’d include cards were the character or character is learning to or is manifesting their own power skills or intelligence .

Eva Evergreen Semi Magical Witch

Eva is the essence of this card while she hasn’t found her footing with her power, she is still trying to help everyone with the heart of her powers and gaining confidence in herself. She starting to manifest herself as a witch an and example of the Magician card.


Sometimes all you need is a pinch of magic…

Eva Evergreen is determined to earn the rank of Novice Witch before her thirteenth birthday. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her magic forever. For most young witches and wizards, it’s a simple enough test:

One: Help your town, do good all around.
Two: Live there for one moon, don’t leave too soon.
Three: Fly home by broomstick, the easiest of tricks.

The only problem? Eva only has a pinch of magic. She summons heads of cabbage instead of flowers and gets a sunburn instead of calling down rain. And to add insult to injury, whenever she overuses her magic, she falls asleep.

When she lands in the tranquil coastal town of Auteri, the residents expect a powerful witch, not a semi-magical girl. So Eva comes up with a plan: set up a magical repair shop to aid Auteri and prove she’s worthy. She may have more blood than magic, but her “semi-magical fixes” repair the lives of the townspeople in ways they never could have imagined. Only, Eva’s bit of magic may not be enough when the biggest magical storm in history threatens the town she’s grown to love. Eva must conjure up all of the magic, bravery, and cleverness she can muster or Auteri and her dreams of becoming a witch will wash away with the storm.

Amazon: Eva Evergreen Semi-Magical Witch

The Counter-Clockwise Heart

In this book Prince Alphonsus is really the one is really manifesting the Magician roll here. Using the lessons his mothers taught him to speak for himself his people and against the Margrave.


Time is running out in the empire of Rheinvelt.
The sudden appearance of a strange and frightening statue foretells darkness. The Hierophants—magic users of the highest order—have fled the land. And the shadowy beasts of the nearby Hinterlands are gathering near the borders, preparing for an attack.
Young Prince Alphonsus is sent by his mother, the Empress Sabine, to reassure the people while she works to quell the threat of war. But Alphonsus has other problems on his mind, including a great secret: He has a clock in his chest where his heart should be—and it’s begun to run backwards, counting down to his unknown fate.
Searching for answers about the clock, Alphonsus meets Esme, a Hierophant girl who has returned to the empire in search of a sorceress known as the Nachtfrau. When riddles from their shared past threaten the future of the empire, Alphonsus and Esme must learn to trust each other and work together to save it—or see the destruction of everything they both love.

Amazon: Counterclockwise Heart

The Best Worst Summer Ever

This pair is manifesting independence and a healing energy to the past that is able to do something I don’t to spoil.

This is going to be the worst summer ever for Peyton. Her family just moved, and she had to leave her best friend behind. She’s lonely. She’s bored. Until . . . she comes across a box buried in her backyard, with a message: I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Things are about to get interesting.

Back in 1989, it’s going to be the best summer ever for Melissa and Jessica. They have two whole months to goof around and explore, and they’re even going to bury a time capsule! But when one girl’s family secret starts to unravel, it’s clear things may not go exactly as planned.

In alternating chapters, from Peyton in present day to Melissa three decades earlier (a time with no cell phones, no social media, and camera film that took days to develop, but also a whole lot of freedom), beloved author Elizabeth Eulberg tells the story of a mystery that two sets of memorable characters will never forget.

Amazon: Best Worst Summer Ever

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The Magician

The Magician is technically the first card in Major Arcana. The Fool takes the place of 0. Since this is the first card it is as good as a place as to talk about reverse meanings. A reverse meaning is when you pull a card and it’s upside down. For example take this card if you pull it right side up its meanings are manifestation of good things, resourcefulness and power and inspired action. When the card is pulled in a reading upside down though it means manipulation, poor planning and talents you haven’t used.

Not all readers believe in reverse meanings some will simply only read the cards one way, that’s my personal way of reading. That doesn’t make it wrong or right. How you decide to read is up to you.

Examples of the Magician

More about the Magician card it’s a card you often see when you need to show the world your talents. Get out their and nail a presentation! Yeah! Find your inner Magician, present yourself for a great interview at work that’s this card at work. Now if aren’t showing the world your talents this card will keep coming round telling you to put yourself out there to try those new beginning and opportunities even if they seem scary.

This card wants you to know that you are in control and you should be ready to show the world your talents in the traditional Rider-Waite it shows a man holding up a staff reaching towards the stars this deals with the person on the card manifesting their dreams from the metaphysical realm into physical one. More modern feminist decks also evoke this imagery and they show that you can bring forward your dreams into the real world.

In the next post we will go over character who evoke this card, either main character or side characters who have Magician energy.

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The Bull-Taurus

Coming back to Zodiac signs the next sign after Aries is Taurus This sign is often associated with the bull. It is the second astronomical sign in the modern western Zodiac. A Taurus is someone who was born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus is a smart, ambitious, and trustworthy sign.

While they have a reputation for being stubborn leads to the bull image while what they really value is honesty, they are willing to change their opinion but not just for others only when they truly have a change of heart. They are also hard workers not afraid to pull up their sleeves and throw in their share of work to get the job done.

Also some things we are going to note but that we won’t discuss till later

Taurus is a

-Fixed Sign

-Earth Sign

-Negative Sign

While we will discuss these in future posts, now more about the Taurus personality

About Taurus

The Taurus: The Bull Personality

Tauruses are normally content with the way things are. They love stability. An oasis of calm, or a rock of dependability when things are falling apart arounds them. People of this sign tend to focus on practical knowledge and experience.

Tauruses are focused on the world around them, and tend to be grounded and logical, they are big fans of routine and their own comfort. This sign likes to be in control and any materialism is an extension of their own stability. Otherwise they are patient and steady.

Once they get into a routine it’s difficult for them to break. They prefer things to be predictable. To the point of eating the same meal or wearing the same outfit over and over and over. They like to discover what they have fun doing then keep doing over and over again.

Tauruses like to work, and while they can be stubborn, bull headed and set in their ways they are also great listeners and very dependable. They are great workers in the fact they they will see a problem through till it is finished

Negative Traits

Tauruses have a tough time with criticism. Not that they react negatively more like they are apathetic and it has no effect.

This sign is stubborn thus its sign, the bull. You will not make a Taurus do something they do not want to do. They are slow to change their minds because it threatens their sense of stability. Becoming so set in a routine can cause them to lose sight of what matters and they become emotionally and physically lazy.

Being stubborn and obstinate means that they have a hard time listening to other people.

Overall this sign is strong and a great helper but can have it’s stubborn moments. Tomorrow we will discuss characters who fit this sign.


Horoscope Spirituality


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The Fool: The Major Arcana

The Fool is the First Card in the Major Arcana, which we discussed yesterday are the important cards that come up in a reading about your major life choices. We also noted that the Fool was kind of named in a way that didn’t match up with its meaning. We will go into that more today. First think of the Major Arcana as following a life path this first card is someone ready to jump into adventure who doesn’t have any worries and can’t be held back by concerns, yes they may be a little naïve or foolish but they are ready to face the world with abandon.

It is a good card to see in a reading because it means a new adventure is about to begin. Or you’re about to take a step into the unknown.

Now on to some books where I think this card would apply.

The Comeback

Maxine is ready to jump, or skate into an adventure, even when she’s not sure where she will land.


Twelve-year-old Maxine Chen is just trying to nail that perfect landing: on the ice, in middle school, and at home, where her parents worry that competitive skating is too much pressure for a budding tween. Maxine isn’t concerned, however—she’s determined to glide to victory.

But then a bully at school starts teasing Maxine for her Chinese heritage, leaving her stunned and speechless. And at the rink, she finds herself up against a stellar new skater named Hollie, whose grace and skill threaten to edge Maxine out of the competition. With everything she knows on uneven ice, will Maxine crash under the pressure? Or can she power her way to a comeback?

Amazon: The Comeback

Séance Tea Party

Lora has the full spirit of The Fool when the story begins I’ll bring the book back up because by the end she’s at a different card.


Lora wants to stay a kid forever, and she’ll do anything to make that happen . . . including befriending Alexa, the ghost who haunts her house. A middle-grade graphic novel about growing up that’s perfect for fans of Ghosts and Making Friends.

Growing up sounds terrible.

No one has time to do anything fun, or play outside, or use their imagination. Everything is suddenly so serious. People are more interested in their looks and what others think about them than having fun adventures. Who wants that?

Not Lora.

After watching her circle of friends seemingly fade away, Lora is determined to still have fun on her own. A tea party with a twist leaves Lora to re-discovering Alexa, the ghost that haunts her house — and Lora’s old imaginary friend! Lora and Alexa are thrilled to meet kindred spirits and they become best friends . . . but unfortunately, not everything can last forever

Amazon: Séance Tea Party

A Chance to Fly

Nat brings out the spontaneity and innocence The Fool offers despite people saying no or getting told no she is willing to move forward.


Thirteen-year-old Nat Beacon loves a lot of things: her dog Warbucks, her best friend Chloe, and competing on her wheelchair racing team, the Zoomers, to name a few. But there’s one thing she’s absolutely OBSESSED with: MUSICALS! From Hamilton to Les Mis, there’s not a cast album she hasn’t memorized and belted along to. She’s never actually been in a musical though, or even seen an actor who uses a wheelchair for mobility on stage. Would someone like Nat ever get cast?

But when Nat’s family moves from California to New Jersey, Nat stumbles upon auditions for a kids’ production of Wicked, one of her favorite musicals ever! And she gets into the ensemble! The other cast members are super cool and inclusive (well, most of them)— especially Malik, the male lead and cutest boy Nat’s ever seen. But when things go awry a week before opening night, will Nat be able to cast her fears and insecurities aside and “Defy Gravity” in every sense of the song title?

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Tarot: A brief explanation

So tarot is a broad topic. We are going to stick to the basics for now until we get reason to go deeper into the topic, which knowing what I’m planning to do for these post we probably will lol.

Major Arcana in Tarot

The cards are separated into two different types. The whole deck consists of 78 cards, when you are doing a tarot reading most readers use the whole deck. Though every reader is different. The difference then between Major and Minor Arcana is their gravitas Major Arcana card of which there are 21 number (1 unumbered The Fool). The Major Arcana represent the major life choices and teacher and influences coming into our lives if you see a Major Arcana card in your reading pay attention because the universe is trying to tell you something.

Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana deal with the the large tribulations in life the Minor Arca na deal with our day to day issues, things from a stubbed toe to traffic, these are the cards you will see if you’re going to be reading a lot. They will come up from day to day as you deal with your problems. They are place into four courts or houses, cups, swords or knives, wands, and pentacles or coins. In this way the minor arcana is set up like a deck of regular playing cards. They are numbered from 1 to King. The court cards are usually associated with some person coming into your life.

Getting a Reading

It is best when you are getting a reading to have a specific question in mind even if you are being read virtually the reader can focus on that question when they do their reading.

It’s also good to charge your cards and keep them in a place with positive energy, if you’re not familiar with charging we’ll do a post on that in the future. But popular methods include letting them charge under the full moon also protecting them in silk or some kind of nice bag.

Soon we will go over the first card of the Major Arcana: The Fool. This card has a deceptive name but we’ll go more into that in our next post.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll soon be comparing some bookish characters to the Fool.

A good resource to look at for basic information is Biddy Tarot