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Rock Camp Fatigue: Blog Update

Rock Camp was wonderful and self affirming and seeing the youth and all my fellow volunteers was the highlight of the summer. Now it’s just waiting till fall. Seriously it’s the best thing in the summer, then I have to wait for the air to cool down and for it to be my birthday and spooky season. I have some friends with August birthdays and I’m excited for that, but seriously I don’t like summer even though summer has been really mild here.

I also learned a lesson, don’t try and do a readathon during July, don’t make high reading goals during July. I was too caught up with camp and setting myself up for failure. I think I’ll have much more luck with the readathon I’m planning for August. Though I really do hope Make Your Myth taker shows up again soon because I loved the challenges from Path or Pantheon they just came at a bad time life wise. I’d love to do something about reading for Rock Camp next year but I’m not sure what that would look like just yet. I did a workshop on tarot that went well. So I’m sure I could build something cool.

Anyway expect to see me slowly getting back in the flow of the blog. I did not mean to gone for so long but camp is literally my most important and rewarding volunteer activity all year so sometimes things have to take a backseat.

As for what I’m currently up to while recovering from Rock Camp, I’m playing lots of video games, I’m working my way through Horizon: Zero Dawn and I just got Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin because I needed something like Pokemon until the next Pokemon game came out.

I’m also reading The Companion by Katie Alender. It is very good for a late summer spooky book.

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Weekly Update: New Month, Pokemon and Being Behind

I’ve had a pretty good week but a family emergency took me away from the blog this week. But I’ll be back this week as much as I can considering my health. I still need to get up my thoughts on the what I’m reading during this new month. my general TBR, wrapups of Readathons, lol. In other words I’m totally behind the curve.

However I did have some good points I had a little money so I really enjoyed buying two new games, I already knew I wanted Pokemon Snap! And it’s cute as all get out you should totally get it. Oh good lordy! Me trying to get perfect pictures is going to take up most of the summer.

And this month’s surprise favorite, Cozy Grove. If someone had pitched the concept to me I would have been like what? But I love my ghosts bears and and the scouting badges and the birds and I’ve been playing it non-stop trying to solve my ghostly mysteries.

Also when I entered contests for YallWest I didn’t expect to actually win anything. But in this case I won both the psychical and digital copies of Joan He’s The Ones We’re Meant to Find.

I’m also doing an AAPI Readathon for this month. I want to make these stories central this month, they won’t be all I read but they will be the center for this month in terms of representation. Especially with all that is going on I want to do my part to Fight AAIP Hate

I’ll come up with my TBR for that this week as well I’ve already got a few good candidates on the list.

I’m also going to keep my eye out for virtual book festivals because I love meeting authors and hearing the behind the scenes details. So if you know of any good ones throughout the summer please let me know.

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Blog Plans for Next Year

I don’t know if any of you are wondering what I plan do for next year. As I mentioned in my 2021 plans I plan to read 100 books but what am I going to do with the blog month by month.

Well for January my plan is to focus on the end of the Unwanteds series, and New Years prompts if there are any going around. I might pick up a few readathons if I see some good ones.

As for Febuary, since it’s Valentines I’m going to signal boost books that focus on ace-demi characters.

March is the traditional month to focus on Middle Grade so I’ll be doing so.

April, I’ll be making sure my focus is on mental health since I feel like I got away from it a little the end of this last year.

Those are my plans for the first quarter.

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Goals for 2021

I have a lot of goals for 2021 but my first goal one related to my book goal for next year. I want to try to read one hundred books next year. It’s kind of ambitious That’s double of my goal this year but I hit my stretch goal of 75 this year so I think going in with intent at the beginning of the year I think I can read 100. Plus I had things come up in months where I only read one book. I think be able to better have a reading/life balance.

Second I want to improve the blog, I want to learn SEO and start trying to find more blog tours I qualify for. Plus I want to make my presence more know on Twitter. I’d also like to create more content for Instagram. I saw that I’d only made 64 this year so I’d like to try to do 3 posts a week next year.

Personally I’d like to learn to draw more, I recently bought Procreate, and I’d like to learn to program in the coming year. I haven’t drawn in years and I’m really happy to get back to it. I’m hoping I can also draw some things for the blog.

I’d like to work on my novels, they’ve been put on the back burner due to other things this year. But I’m going to try to make them my main focus along with the books and blogging.

Some other things I want to do in 2021 include:

1.Baking More

2.Crocheting More

3.Learning to Knit

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Christmas Haul

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good time. I had a quiet day with my family. I didn’t get any hardback books. However I was gifted a year of Scribd, which is great because it’s like a gift of lots of books. I already have several books picked out but if you guys have any suggestions just comment and let me know.

My other big gift was a Kitchen Aid mixer, which I’m over the moon about, we already found cute decals to put on it, and I’m saving books on Scribd, for things to cook in it once it arrives.

CatLadyFibers also gave me a great gift of some knitting needles and a Bath and Body Works coupon which I used during the wonderful BBW semi-annual sale.

Not to mention the fact I got a lovely upgraded tree, some great jewelry, new leggings, several video games, including Skyrim and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

I’m very thankful for this holiday season.

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