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DragonAge, Path or Pantheon, and Loki

This week has been pretty calm more camp prep since the camp is in July I’ll be doing a lot of that till then. Other than that I brought my PlayStation downstairs, the way I had to sit to play it when it was in my room I can’t really do with my ankle now. It’s making me want to replay DragonAge. I was a elf mage last time not sure what make I’d go with, but I still want to complete the game I have, aka find all the shards, kill all the Dragons, get to the DLC. Yes, I know who is evil and what happens in the DLC but still I’d like to play it through.

If you’ve played DragonAge respond with your race and class and what race and class you think I should try!

I’m already a good way into the Path or Pantheon challenge I just finished my first book for the challenge, I switched books from the one on my TBR but this one still fits the prompt. It was for a young female MC and I’m now using The Five Things About Ava Andrews. I’m also about 3/4 of the way through the book about food. Much Ado about Baseball, so I’m hoping to finish this challenge up nice and early this month.

Okay, I’ve been watching Loki and it has its issues but I think once we get into the meat of the show as we did in Episode 2 we’ll really have something. I love the buddy cop feel with Mobius and Variant Loki. Also not sure what Marvel is setting up for but the banter between Variant Loki and Lady Loki is going to be amazing I can already tell.

My week wasn’t super exciting but it was still a good one. I got a lot done and am moving forward towards my TBR for the year.

Also expect to see some more game and show-based posts from me soon. DragonAge essentially got me through last summer’s rough health scare with my sister. So I’d like to replay it just to see if there is anything I missed and because it was so relaxing summer. Also expect some Switch game posts or commentary and shows because Marvel insists on making TV that I want to comment about.

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Cats, New RPGs, Pride Month

Sorry I didn’t post this weekend cats were the reason I was busy or should I say one cat specifically. My Sweet albeit very feral cat Cinnamon is sick. I thought I could catch her yesterday, and I didn’t and felt like a real failure afterward, now I’m realizing this is going to have to be a long game. I guess I just thought I had a good enough bond with her I could do it easily, but now I know I was being unrealistic. But never fear it’s not all bad news, the cat is getting to the vet one way or the other we are just going to have to be tricky, and stubborn just like cats are.

I was also just kind of depressed about Cinnamon and what happens if we don’t catch her in time to treat her condition. We are going to get a feral trap today, so hopefully we are headed in the right direction still I worry about my sweet little feral baby.

In happier news, I’m just starting Horizon Zero Dawn so I can play the new one when it comes out. The puzzles are a little tougher than what I’m used to so I’m using guides. Also, I’m just not a very talented gamer, I’m more there for the story. But I ended up loving the combat system in Dragon Age 3, so I could love the combat system once I get into it a bit more. The puzzles so far have just been tough and I’m only at the beginning lol. However, it is the newest RPG I’ve played so SO pretty.

Also if you are listening universe Dragon Age 4 release date like before I turn 35.

Last but not least I’m trying to read as many books as I can for Pride Month, and I’m also doing the Read Your Gays readathon. I’m trying to read about a little bit of everyone and stories I’m not familiar with. For example, I haven’t read a lot of books on non-binary folx, so I’m trying to make that one of my goals this month.

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Healing, Reading, and Writing: Weekly Update

Well I’m finally rounding the bend with my healing. I won’t be fully back for a year, but I’m starting to see the results I want here at almost 5 months. I’m going to start taking walks again (short ones, I’m no fool) and generally trying to exercise.

I think since I’ve been healing. I’ve also been writing finally I think after going to The Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival and getting some hints on craft from a variety of really brought out some creative ideas I’d had before I got hurt and brought them to the forefront.

The ideas are very different, one is a full fantasy with politics and court intrigue and romance and magic. The other is present-day murder mystery with music and mental health.

I’ve finally got out of the reading slump I’ve been in I’ve read more in this last week than I did in the whole month of May. My favorite thing read this week was The Sea in Winter, I’ll explain more about why in the reviews.

I also got to go out, I had an appointment near a bookstore. So I picked up some books.

That Thing about Bollywood

That Thing about Bollywood by [Supriya Kelkar]

Amazon: That Thing About Bollywood


The Beast Player

The Beast Player by [Nahoko Uehashi, Cathy Hirano] Healing

Amazon: Beast Player

Both look very interesting I’ve been waiting on Bollywood FOREVER, so I’m looking forward to reading these. Other than that my week has been pretty relaxed I’m trying to take things easy, I’ve had a lot of appointments but this coming week is appointment-free, so more time for reading and writing and me to look for a good readathon.

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Writing, Reading and Cozy Grove

So I’d love to be here telling you I read a ton of books this week, but honestly, I haven’t I did get back to writing on my two main story ideas which I’d been meaning to do for months so I see it as a success.

Also, comment with your 80’s music favorites (before 85) it might be featured in the novel. I’m looking for cute and sweet, happy and romantic, and creepy and murdery music.

I think the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival did it, I love craft writing festivals and am really looking forward to see if there are more to attend over the summer. I’d love to addend Yallfest in person in the fall assuming they have it in person.

Now for why I haven’t been able to read as much, I changed my meds for pain but now that I’m not in pain the main time I’ve been reading is at night so I’ve been falling asleep. So now that I know not to worry about the pain meds. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more reading done instead of just falling straight to sleep.

I’ve also been trying to read more during day, right now I’m reading Black Widow Red Vengeance by Margaret Stohl and The One’s We’re Meant to Find By Joan He. I’m enjoying both for different reasons one is due to my absurd Marvel kick and the other I won and it seems serious and sweet.

Speaking of sweet I’ve been longing WAY too many hours in Cozy Grove. If someone had given me the pitch for the game I would have been like what? But it’s perfect, and sweet and I love the quest, it’s like Lumberjanes and Animal Crossing with bears and I don’t know. Any one else out there addicted.

Well that’s how my week is going see you throughout the week!


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Weekend Adventures: Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival

What weekend adventures was I up to? I was supposed to go to some Zooms for the organization I’m on the board for however because of the time change I missed them all. This week though I got to go out for the first time since Covid started so that was pretty cool. However, the thing I had the most fun doing and the thing that relates back to the site is the fact that I went to the Greater Rochester Teen, they had a variety of authors and great topics since it was only one day and you could only go to one topic each hour I’m going back and viewing some of the topics I missed I’m going to do posts about the panels on the blog throughout the week.

I just finished Season 4 of the Great Canadian Baking Show it was so sweet. My favorite for the winner won the show so I was happy about it. Now I’m enjoying the Kenyan Baking Show, for anyone who doesn’t know my love after books is baking. Though I can’t do any baking yet because of my foot. I’m going to try something simple this week. But I think I’ll have to sit partly while working on it.

This weekend I also realized I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, I just picked up Margaret Stohl’s Black Widow Forever Red, and it’s the first thing I’ve just read in awhile, it reminds that on top of all my responsibilities I need to just make time for reading because I love it, and I can get caught up in all the extra, which I also love, but I let stress me out sometimes.

So for this week I’m going to focus more on reading

Having fun

Reading more

Here is a link to The Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival Website

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Weekly Update: New Month, Pokemon and Being Behind

I’ve had a pretty good week but a family emergency took me away from the blog this week. But I’ll be back this week as much as I can considering my health. I still need to get up my thoughts on the what I’m reading during this new month. my general TBR, wrapups of Readathons, lol. In other words I’m totally behind the curve.

However I did have some good points I had a little money so I really enjoyed buying two new games, I already knew I wanted Pokemon Snap! And it’s cute as all get out you should totally get it. Oh good lordy! Me trying to get perfect pictures is going to take up most of the summer.

And this month’s surprise favorite, Cozy Grove. If someone had pitched the concept to me I would have been like what? But I love my ghosts bears and and the scouting badges and the birds and I’ve been playing it non-stop trying to solve my ghostly mysteries.

Also when I entered contests for YallWest I didn’t expect to actually win anything. But in this case I won both the psychical and digital copies of Joan He’s The Ones We’re Meant to Find.

I’m also doing an AAPI Readathon for this month. I want to make these stories central this month, they won’t be all I read but they will be the center for this month in terms of representation. Especially with all that is going on I want to do my part to Fight AAIP Hate

I’ll come up with my TBR for that this week as well I’ve already got a few good candidates on the list.

I’m also going to keep my eye out for virtual book festivals because I love meeting authors and hearing the behind the scenes details. So if you know of any good ones throughout the summer please let me know.

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End of April Update

April flew by and the end of the month is here. I’m still healing but I feel like I got a lot done for some reason, I detail that more in my goals posts. But overall April has been pretty productive. I got both my COVID shot done which feels like a win. The second shot was a little annoying, but nothing like what imagine the real disease must be.

If you upload completed your shot card in the comments with all details obscured you can help me pick what I read next month. In other words, find a way to get your shot……..

In bookish news I read eight books in April so I’m getting back on track with the number of books per month that I want to read.

However, the biggest announcement is one you’ve already seen. I’ve been messing with themes throughout the week but I’ve finally settled on one. The wonderful artwork was done by Ryl who I hope to set up an interview with soon to ask more about their inspirations and just show off some of their work since they did such awesome stuff for the site. I’d like to know how the process went from their end.

For May so far I also have a book tour in the works as well as another interview coming up. Also while the month that the Disability and Autism readathons occurred is over, I still want to finish all my reads from the challenge, even though the challenges were at an end.

I will say that this month changed my feeling about indie publishing one of the prompts for the autism challenge was to read an independently published book by someone with Autism. Now I hadn’t read much independent publishing and wasn’t sure about the quality, but the book, The Place Inside the Storm, proved me wrong.

Now I’m going to need to give books from less common sources a chance. So at the end of the month of April taught me things, I help reorganize things, and am still learning things. Review for The Place Inside the Storm Should be Up soon.

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Patreon and Weekly Update

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m going to some panels at Ya’llWest today and reading up for my book tours. I also want to let everyone know I’m starting a Patreon doing book-related content and tarot. In addition, I’m redesigning the website but I’m not as far along with that, one of the designers from the Patron is the same and the images are precious it just might be a bit longer before we get the whole web design worked out but believe me it will be adorable. Think of my new design as Lost in the Woods, and yes the Frozen pun was completely intentional.

This week has been pretty quiet, I’m starting to be able to walk unassisted, so I’ll only need a little more therapy, I lost my wallet so that was a bit of a pain. However my disability case is going well and I learn I’m going to be represented by the lawyer that the law firm is named after, so that, makes me feel better somehow. My hearing is coming up in the next month or so keep thinking about me.

Patreon Style Image

I’ve been putting games by the wayside but I set up my Switch again and am going to try to get some play time in. I restarted my game because I was bored honestly.

I’m still reading books for the Autism and Disability Readathons, I probably won’t finish them all by the end of April but I’ve still found a lot of great books.

Anyway, here is my Patron if anyone is interested; Plaid Reader Reviews and Tarot. No stress of course if you can’t make that happen but thank you lots if you happen to be able to put in any time or money. I will make another post to the Patreon detailing more about the benefits of each tier soon so keep an eye out for that. I will also do things like explanations of the card on my Patreon along with my book reviews.

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Weekly Update

Sorry for the delay on the weekly update, today I was just tired and throw in some stretches for my ankle I was pretty exhausted most of the day. It’s been a pretty quiet week, I spent the beginning of the week doing the Easter Readathon. That was super successful as I finished three out of the 4 books and will work on the other after I finish books I have reviews due for.

Right now I’m working on two very special reviews one for a MAJOR publishing company I can’t believe asked me to work for them on this, and another for a great tour company I’m very excited to review a book for. And finally my ever-building NetGalley list lol. I’m also changing up the look of the website, check out my artist Ryl‘s work. They have already helped me with work for my Pateron the art is still a work in progress but if are interested in having some input into the site or getting your cards read. One comes with the other so why not enjoy the fun. Also at the highest tier you will get to see me in person talking about books in being goofy, which I promise you’ll see no where else.

Anyway hope your week went well and expect to see reviews and fun from me this week. Oh an a final note YallWest is coming up so don’t forget to sign up for panels.


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Weekly Update

So the week went pretty well, currently I’m working on the Easter readathon which is going well I should have 4 books finished by the end of the weekend which is as many as I finished last month. I’m enjoying having all theses readathons they really direct my reading in a way I have a difficulty doing myself, plus I already have some readathons lined up for May and June. But perhaps most importantly I can FINALLY, go upstairs

My ankle is still weak and can’t be sprinting up and down with abandon, But I can get up and down which means I can sleep in my own bed for the first time since the middle of January. BEST THING EVER. Plus this means I can work from my big computer on the blog, I’ve been working on my small laptop screen and my eyes are ready for a big screen again.

I also got the first half of my COVID shot which knocked me out part of yesterday and today.

As for my personal life, I’m actually starting to get stuff done with my disability and medical billing that is pretty much my life at this point so that’s good.

Therapy for my foot is also going pretty well so I’m getting back a little bit of range of motion every time I work out, they say the total time for full recovery will be a year but I’m already feeling pretty good at this point,

I’m also learning Chinese with Duolingo and really enjoying that.

So in totally this past week was pretty good. I posted most days, I read a lot of them, and I studied language all of them. And I did the stupid life paperwork. I’d give myself an A for this past week which shocks me as much as anyone.

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