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Efficient First Week

So apparently this new month and these readathons have made me me more efficient when it comes to reading. I don’t know the last time I finished four books in a week. If I keep this up I may actually get back on track for my 100 books this year. I’m also finishing prompts for both my Readathons. For @RoyalReadathon I just finished my Olaf book, or book under 250 prompt with The Tea Dragon Tapestry. For my Mushu, or book with a dragon, I read The Dragon Egg Princess, and for my Chip book, which was a middle grade book, I read, The Sun will Come Out

For the Trope-ical Readathon those books filled in the book with fire on the cover prompt, the new kid in town prompt and since one of them was a graphic novel it didn’t count for prompts for that readathon. Overall, this week has been very efficient in terms of reading, I’ve finally found the rhythm I think I’ve been missing in my book slump lately so I’m going to try to keep that up that pace so I can get back on track to read my hundred books a year, basically I just need to keep an ebook in my hand all day every day for the rest of the year. Or maybe two, we’ll see how many I can hold lol.

The other thing I’ve been working on is building my character for D&D I’m playing with a DM from my rock camp and some new friends. I’m really enjoying to story building which makes me think I should get back to working on my novels. I also need to pay more attention to this blog, I’m way behind on reviews. Basically all the drama over the summer, I want to put in the re-view mirror and embrace fall as a growing season.

Here is to hoping next week manifests more of that goal.

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August Readathon Plans: More Book Challenges

You would think that after failing to meet my goals on my last couple of readathons. I’d just not to do them. But honestly I just enjoy readathons, and since I’ll be more present in August I think I’ll be able to be more successful in completing at least some of the prompts. So I’m doing two readathons this month, The Royal Readathon whose theme is Sidekicks and who I’ll probably be posting a loose TBR for this weekend or early next week.

Though I’ve discovered I’m really kind of a mood reader so I may not stick to my picks. The other readathon I’m doing is one I’ve done before that has another round in August is Trope-ical Readathon. I’m on Team Fantasy though Sci-fi was almost my pick and I may read for some of the prompts there too. I might put a TBR for this together as well but I also might just read as I go and update everyone on how I’m doing along the way.