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Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M: Small

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel: A.I.M. Small


Carol Danvers has had many difficult jobs she’s been a fighter pilot, an Avenger, an a friend of the ever difficult flerkens. But now she’s stepped up to her most difficult job yet…driving instructor! And teaching Nadia Van Dyne a.k.a The Unstoppable Wasp! how to drive gets a whole lot harder when evil organization A.I.M gets ahold of some Pym Particles. Sunddly tiny Captain Marvel can’t use her powers without knocking out half the state due to how dense she is, she’ll have to let Nadia take the lead and try a new mode of adventure if she and Nadia have any chance of figuring out A.I.M’s plot before it’s too late. Enjoy this new pint sized adventure from Marvel.


This was such a cute adventure and great story about Carol needing to let go of control. I love Carol meeting Nadia’s G.I.R.L.S. staff. It makes me want to read more of the The Unstoppable Wasp! The interaction between these two was also just generally hilarious. I found myself laughing through most of the comic which is always good. I’m hoping to read more things like this.

Totally 5/5

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Unwanteds Quest: Dragon Fury

Dragon Fury


Dragon Fury (The Unwanteds Quests Book 7) by [Lisa McMann]


The greatest army ever assembled in the seven islands flies to the land of the dragons, but one thought hangs over their heads like a black cloud: Thisbe Stowe has betrayed them all.

After one crucial mistake in her intricate plan to gain the Revinir’s trust, Thisbe must now work to gain back the trust of her friends and family from Artimé. Aaron won’t hear any explanation as he feels partly responsible for Thisbe’s actions thinking his own dark history may have affected her in some way. If that weren’t complicated enough there are Thisbe’s complicated feelings about the Revinir leaving her wondering if she got too close to the dragon-woman and if she’s really more evil than good after all.

Fighting for everything they’ve stood for since they’ve been declared Unwanted the people, creatures and statues of Artimé and their allies from the dragon lands make a final desprate attempt to take down the bring peace to both their worlds.

But is the Revinir too powerful to defeat?

And…will the Artiméans ever find out what’s behind that last secret door?


Okay so I kind of put off reading my copy of this book because I didn’t want the story to end. But the ending is perfect. There are some especially perfect spots, like the meeting of the Stowe siblings by the lake. Spike’s glorious moment of revenge. And of course that final meeting between Mr. Today and Aaron nearly had me in tears. McMann tied up all her loose ends perfectly, and she had a lot.

It says something about a book when you wish for more even though you know the ending is perfect. I wish I could see some books in the middle like after the final battle and before the ending, but of course, books need high stakes. And Aaron, my favorite character finally got his happy ending, and he finally deserved it, and he believed that he did too, he let go of the guilt, and finally had a happy life with the help of Fifer and Thisbe. It’s all I could have wanted for the character and I’m very happy with the ending.

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Awkward (Berrybrook Middle School Book 1) by [Svetlana Chmakova]


I’ve been wanting to read this book for quite awhile. I thought the concept was interesting and it definitely didn’t dissapoint. Penelope–Peppi–Tores has some basic rules for surving at a new school. The first is not to get noticed by the mean kids, but when she drops her backpack on the first day and quiet boy Jamie helps her up the mean kids start calling her ‘nerder girlfriend’. She’s already broken the first rule! How does she handle it? By pushing Jamie and running away. Her second rule is to seek out groups with similar interests and join them, so she ends up in art club with new friends, but she still can’t help feeling bad about the way she treated Jamie. She agonizes over apolizing to him, but the timing never seems to be right.

Things get even more awkward when he becomes her science tutor and she learns more about Jamie. However art club and science club which Jamie is a part of are archrivals. When the two clubs go to war will it cut off any chance at a friendship between Peppi and Jamie. Or will the two be able to show there isn’t that much difference between science and art and that the two clubs might just get along if they are willing to drop their rivalry and work together.


This was cute, loved the friendship between Peppi and Jamie but I also loved the positive portrayal of disability with Jamie’s mom. I liked the diverse students in both clubs. The author did a good job of making everyone in a large ensemble cast seem unique something that isn’t oftentimes easy to do. I also loved Miss T, and her making Peppi diagram the mermaid drawing. It’s just such a teacher move. Anywany very cute and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Amazon: Awkward

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A Thousand Questions

A Thousand Questions 

A Thousand Questions by [Saadia Faruqi]


There are lots of place Mimi would rather be spending her time than Karachi, Pakistan, with grandparents she’s never met and a world different from her own, and worse, not everywhere has air conditioning! Besides she’d seceretly rather be finding her father and plans to write to him in new journal.

The cooks daughter Sakina still hasn’t told her parents she’ll be accepted to school only if she can improve her English test score. Then again how could her family possibly afford to lose the money she earn working with her Abba (father) in Mimi’s grandparents kitchen.

The two at first seem like they have nothing in common. Sakina, thinks Mimi is a spoiled American, and Mimi thinks Sakina is too serious. But as the two get two get to know each other they slowly realize they have a lot in common and become friends, they also realize they need each other to get what they want most.


I really enjoyed this novel, it was one of the first I listened to on audiobook. The only thing I didn’t care for was the characther with the speech impedment in the novel was kinda made fun of. I really love Sakina and Mimi though I like that Farqui didn’t shy away from showing the different levels of wealth and poverty even though this was a middle grade novel. As you can tell I’m a Saadia Farqui fan and she just announced a new book so I’m happy so I can continue my reading kick.

Amazon: A Thousand Question

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Crystal Cadets Review

So I’ve been on a bit of a Katie O’Neil kick. So when I found out she illustrated a comic I had to give it a read. Her art start style is a bit different here but still recognizeable.

Crystal Cadets


Zoe has always felt out of place. Not that her foster parents aren’t nice enough, but all her life she’s felt like something was missing. Its only on her birthday when she recieves some things from her birth mother that the universe gets flipped on it’s head.

Her mother has left her a mysterious gem along with a letter talking about powers and protection? What was she talking about? The crystal grant her the power of light but she doesn’t use it much trying not to think about it.

It’s not until she meets other girls who can shoot flames and one who can shoot glowing green arrows that she learns that she’s not the only one with these powers and they are fighting against something called the Darkness. The leader is trying to find all the cadets so they’ll have a chance against this enemy.

At first Zoe isn’t intrested, until her parents are overtaken by the Darkness leaving her to go adventuring with this group of intreped heroines, as they try to find all the cadets, stop the Darkness, and try and find the true meaning to an old prophecy.


I feel like this comic was meant to be longer and got canceled. Of course there are some Sailor Moon tropes that anything with magical girls can’t avoid. But I appricate the more diverse cast and the fact that by the end there is a boy cadet. I feel like had it been given some more time it would have really evolved into something unique.

I love the magical creatures they can summon, its super helpful for the plot, and also the creatures are just generally cool. Even the unicorn, which the cadet who has it doesn’t care for.

So yes, in some ways it’s sticks to a formula, but I think it gives it a little twists.

That’s why I’m giving it 4 stars.

Amazon: Crystal Cadets

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Unwanteds Quest-Dragon Slayers Review

Just because I can’t get this far and not talk about spoiler so SPOILER AHEAD!

Dragon Slayers (The Unwanteds Quests Book 6) by [Lisa McMann]


The people of Artimé have the Revinir with her back against the wall, but when people get desperate, they do strange things.

The Revinir made a desprate attempt when she captured both to capture Fifer and Thisbe. and now she trapped them in an isolated, crumbling castle with four killer dragons on all side to try and coerce them into joining her side

Things start to look up when Dev sneaks into the castle the the of them have reunion then start to plan a way out. The plan is so devious, so horrifying that it just might work. But when it comes time to act, Thisbe struggles to confront her deepest fears about her own inner levels of good and evil, and question if she’s really been on right side all along?

In Artimé, Rohan and Queen Maiven join forces with Aaron, Florence and the others to discover the truth of what happened to the twins. But when Fifer sends a message that challenges everything they believe in Rohan attempts to handle the situation… with horrible results.


I love their plan, I also love Evil Thisbe. She’s kind of hilarious, but watching her take the Revinir to task is really great. I also love learning more about the Revinir’s history which I hope we learn more about in the final book.

Rohan, oh why are so in love, I mean of course you know Thisbe’s lying, but boy did you pick a bad time to call her it.

Then, that moment for Aaron, ouch, McMann just tore my heart out, again. But this one was particularly bad.

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Unwanteds Quest Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

And because I literally can’t talk about these later books without spoilers. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

Dragon Fire (The Unwanteds Quests Book 5) by [Lisa McMann]


The book opens and Artime finds itself in the middle of a civil war, those loyal to the Stowes vs those following reckless new head mage Frieda Stubbs.

Stubbs has now turn most of the people of Artime turned against the Stowe she uses the people’s fear of the Revinir returning and the idea that she stopped her ,(as opposed to Thisbe and Drock) that to keep the people under her sway.

Aaron and his allies are captured while Fifer is left exposed to mortal danger.

Thisibe and the team of black-eyed children from Grimere journey to Artime to, but doing this leaves one of their own behind to fend for himself against the Revinir. Thisbe grapples with worry and guilt from multiple directions as the bond between the two youngest Stowe feels more streched than even.

When things are at their most desperate and everything is on the line. Fifer is forced to make a choice that will change her and Artime forever.


I don’t know if any political figures were involved but Frida Stubbs sure does remind me of some current (soon to be former ones). Also did she really hate her life as Unwanted that much or was it just personal revenge. It seems like just personal revenge to me, but even then it’s scary that some of the Unwanteds were willing to send their fellow Unwanteds to places they new there would be no food or watter. I like the system they set up for who they decide to let back into the community. Then again I also just like Mavien Taveer.

While important Thisbe stuff happens, such as her and Rohan getting pretty close to being a serious item.

But this is very much a Fifer book, Fifer has to figure things out, Fifter has to find her destiny. I like what her destiny is, I also appriciate that the girls finally talk.

One final thing Mavien and Aaron lunch are just so sweet an idea

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The Most Beautiful Thing Review

The Most Beautiful Thing


Based on the author Kao Kalia Yang’s childhood. Yang, a Hmong refugee shows her family’s experience with lots of love not a lot of money. The story focuses on Kalia and her beloved grandmother, the book moves back and forth from the jungles of Laos to the family’s early years in the United States. Sharing the Kalia’s grandmother’s story along with their own.

When Kalia becomes tired of having to do without and decides she wants braces to improve her smile, her grandmother who has just one tooth in her mouth, helps her see that true beauty isn’t skin deep. And instead with family and those we love most.

This stunning intergenerational tale is brought to life by illustrations from Vietnamese illustrator Khoa Le


This book is beautifully illustrated to show the close relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. I especially love the portions of the book that show the grandmother’s youth. There is one particular illustration of her facing a tiger that is especially memorable.

I love the style of art it’s almost like a collage. The whole book deserves a 5/5 both for story and illustration.

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Unwanted Quest-Dragon Curse Review

Hi guys I’m now an Amazon Associate so if you are thinking about perchasing this book pleases consider clicking on my link below.

Dragon Curse

Dragon Curse (The Unwanteds Quests Book 4) by [Lisa McMann]


After harrowing battles and horrible losses, the three Stowe sibling are FINALLY, reunited. McMann made us wait for this one though things aren’t as happy as one might expect.While they are back in Artimé they have all been changed by their experinces.

Fifer who so enjoyed being in charge and working with Simber while in the dragon lands now sees her role reduced now that she’s back in Artime, and she struggles to find her place and purpose.

Meanwhile Thisbe was changed by her experinces in the catacombs and it has given her a deeper link with Rohan and the other black eyed children in the land of the dragons now she’s relentless in determination to return and help.

Finally Aaron has little success at warding off incresing opposition at his being head mage, from a resentful Frieda Studbbs and her dissenters, leading to a shocking and dangerous turn. Frieda can’t see past Aaron’s past actions, and see the girls as dangerous, she saw Alex as the only good example from the family and has a grudge with the rest of the Stowes due to some childhood experinces.

Meanwhile the Revinir pursues Thisbe and all the way to the seven islands putting Artimé in danger. So Thisbe and Drock make a choice to try and save their homes, meanwhile leaving Aaron and Fifer to fight in a political rebellion in what used to be a peaceful magical world.


So Dead Juliet wins all the awards. I have to think Mr. Today would especially appricate it. For real though, poor Aaron Alex had to deal with some stuff, and kind of coup when the world disappered but I think this is one of the most annoying conflict Artimé has had to deal with, I know why McMann put it in, and understand who it helped to grow and what it showed, but I still feel sorry for Aaron and Simber especially

As for Thisbe and Drock’s plan, pure genius. Perfect way for McMann to move the plot along can’t wait to review the next book.

One other note, the dance scene in this book is one of the few where I notice Fifer’s lack of interest in romance, and since LGBTQIA romance seems to be accepted in Artimé might she be aromanic or asexual.

Unwanteds Quests: Dragons Curse

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Review-Unwanteds Quest:Dragons Ghosts

I won’t say anything specific, but books don’t make me cry / aggravate me much and wow did this book do a number in that department. But the description is has SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dragon Ghosts (The Unwanteds Quests Book 3) by [Lisa McMann]


Just when the team thinks they have it all figured out the Revinir strike’s at Artime’s heart, Alex’s leaving the the magical land without a leader while they are stuck in a strange place which is in the middle of it’s own civil war. Fifer and Simber struggle to lead their team in what now seems like a hopeless search for Fifer’s twin.

Back home Aaron must take the mantel that he’s had so much conflict around, head mage of Artime, he once dreamed of it, now he dreads it. And rightly so finding unexpected trouble relating to a past that just won’t leave him behind.

Meanwhile Thisbe thanks to a unique broth, is able to see images of Grimere’s dark history, but she must deal with her growing feelings of abandonment, while she considers leaving Rohan in a gamble that could take her home or to her death.

Finally things in Artimé are escalating at the worst time as Aaron find the Revinir’s control reaches into the very heart of Artimé.


There were several points when I almost threw my tablet, Alex’s death for one. It was great, well played not at all expected. He just died, we expected him to live and he didn’t great show for everyone about how powerful the Revinir’ is and the fragility of life.

Also as stated before I feel sorry for Aaron an man does he get walloped in this book too, he’s always had a weird relationship with being head mage, but to get it this way ouch.

Also I’d be shocked if I didn’t almost cry during the Simber paragraphs.

Also the issue of timing people are almost in contact with one another then they aren’t it’s great but it makes you want to throw your book, and it’s what makes McMann a masterful writer.

Amazon: Dragon Ghosts

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