Basil and Oragano Review

Another book about cooking magic you say? What can I say? It’s one of my favorite themes. This particular set of cooking magic takes place around PortaBella Magiculinary Academy the finest school for cooking and magic in the land. This is where we meet Basil Eyres, she’s determined to be the top student because she’s going to school on grants and the top student spot provides prize money.

There is a twist in Basil’s plan when on the first day of her senior year Arabella Oregano, the daughter of a famous and renowned chef joins the senior class. The two are instantly smitten with each other and throughout the year Basil and Arabella bond over their shared classes and what becomes the cute tomato dog shared familiar.

Basil still thinks Arabella is hiding something though, and the answer comes out at the end of school festival. Basil must face a choice when it comes to Arabella’s secret that may affect her future.

By far my favorite thing about this world was the diversity of the characters. From her two dads to the racial diversity of her professors to her friends with different pronouns I’m just wanting to jump right into this world as my newest magical playground.

Basil and Oregano was an interesting read even though it was mostly sweet, the interest about whether or not Basil would be top student and what would happen with Arabella’s secret kept the adorable aspects balanced with the plot. Also, the ending of the book was a great surprise that never saw coming.

This book falls in line with a trend that seems to be going on this year of cute middle-grade LGBT cooking-based books. I’m thinking about the Princess and the Grilled Chess Sandwich as the other example.

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