CAWPILE(ing) My Reads So Far

So I’m trying to expand out and view bookish media on more platforms, mainly watching Booktube and BookTok, and because of this I recently discovered CAWPILE. I really like this method and I feel like my reviews are going to improve because of it. Recently I’ve had trouble getting reviews together just because I’ve been gone awhile and I’ve had trouble getting together what I wanted to saw. I didn’t feel like that when I did my CAWPILE review of Skyward Volume 1 on Monday, I feel like this will be the answer for helping me post more through reviews.

At some point I’m going to go back and edit my reviews for previous years to add a CAWPILE rating. That however is a year or possibly longer project. So far my project going forward right now is working on CAWPILE (ing) all the books I’ve read this year. I think this will help me with posting the ones I haven’t gotten to yet. And since I haven’t posted much this year I only have a few to go back and change.

I’m using Book Roast’s V4 of the CAWPILE Spreadsheet. I found it incredibly easy to use and love all the options. I’ve got around 25 books to enter from January to now, so it shouldn’t take too long I’ll update with what the patterns look like next week. I know pretty much what the genres will look like from my Storygraph charts but I’m more interested in some of the metrics specific to this graph such as various representation trackers.

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