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So I finished my first book for Orilium Academy’s Magical Readathon. I started off with something easy and read a comic for my first class, Psionics and Divination. This book had to have clouds on the cover this was the first book I thought of for when the prompt came up. I’ve been wanting to get into this series for awhile but haven’t really had a reason to put it on my TBR. The first Volume of Skyward didn’t disappoint, I’m going to try rating things with CAWPILE from this point on as I just learned about the system. I know I’m late to the party on that but I think it will give me better ratings over all.


When the gravity on Earth suddenly becomes a fraction of what it was it turns life upside down. Twenty years later, humanity has adapted to the new low gravity. Skyward follows Willa Fowler who was born just before G-day, the day when humanity’s gravity changed. She loves her low gravity reality, I mean who wouldn’t want to fly?! Sure you can float off you jump too high. Just don’t jump too high. But gravity isn’t the only danger when Willa’s dad’s secret plan to bring back gravity might literally get her killed. Skyward is the story of a young woman who finds her world turned upside down.


So I’m currently using Book Roast’s that calculates the CAWPILE score for you. I find this so much easier. I very much recommend supporting Book Roast via their patron, they’ve put a lot of work into this sheet, and they improve it every few years. For Skyward the areas that I rated highest were plot and intrigue which tracks with what drew me into this book. I really liked the concept and I found Willa and her father’s situation intriguing. I didn’t rate the characters and atmosphere low, it was still a seven I enjoyed the Willa’s friends especially, and the storm that occurs in the middle of the comic was cool enough to get atmosphere a higher rank.

The one area where the comic got a lowish rating was logic. The world was very cool and the idea of low gravity was very intriguing as I’ve said above, but some things came up that weren’t explained that brought you out of the logic of the world. It wasn’t enough that I ranked it too badly, it still got a six. I understand the lack of explanations due to the short format, so I’m not too upset about it. The comic overall still got four stars and I think that makes sense.

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Skyward Volume 1

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