Orillium: Spring Semester TBR

So Orillium Academy is back around for its second Spring Semester! It’s hard to believe, but I’m so happy to take part in this readathon again. It is very much one of my favorites throughout the year, however, I think last year I made it too hard for myself, especially once I got to the fall calling requirements, so Fable is switching over from being a Dream Walker to being one of the new careers, a Star Whisperer.

Art of Illusion (Matching Outfit to the Book Cover)

So literally all my clothes are in purple and I also really need to read this book, so this is the perfect pick for this prompt. I’m very excited to read this book as I loved the first one and literally yelled at the end of the first book because I was so upset because the second one wasn’t coming out for awhile, but somehow when the second one came out it fell of my radar to read. Hoping to fix that this month.

Amazon: Soul of the Deep

Astronomy-2 E’s in the Title

Under the Whispering Door

A cozy fantasy in the vein of Legends and Lattes, Under the Whispering Door, focuses on Wallace, who when a reaper collects him from his own funeral suspects he might be dead. After Hugo the owner of a unique tea shop offers to help him cross over, he’s sure that he’s dead. But after a life spent at the office, Wallace isn’t ready to abandon a life he’s barely lived. So he’s given one week to live a lifetime in this sweet queer love story. I’ve heard this is very cute so I’m looking forward to reading this.

Amazon: Under the Whispering Door

Inscription- Glyph-Flight- Book from Your Top Shelf Fellowship of the Ring

My top shelf is reserved for all my Lord of the Rings books. I also haven’t done a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Reread yet this year so I think I’ll think I’ll get started on it now. I love the whole series my favorite is Return of the King but with my pace and Tolkien’s writing I’ll probably hit that somewhere around June. I’m also going to point out that this book is free to read along with thousands of books on Kindle Unlimited a subscription which I’m enjoying very much.

Amazon:Fellowship of the Rings

Lore- The Legend of Dia- A Book with a map Strike the Zither

This is a book I’m really excited about. I don’t know if I mentioned on here before, pretty sure I did though during on of the Asian Readathons, that my minor was in Asian Studies, my small ass college’s attempt at a program to cover all of Asia. What I mostly focused on was China though, and this is a retelling of the Classic Three Kingdom tale with female protagonists. I’ll be honest I love me some political drama which is what the original story is about, but it was boring to me with just men. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how reads.

Amazon:Strike the Zither

Psionics and Divination Cloud Study 101 Books with clouds on the cover or title Skyward Volume 1

I’d been wanting to try out this comic for awhile and it fit the prompt perfectly so we’ll see if I like it.

I like this layout of books because it leaves room for quests, which I think are a super fun part of the readathon, and interacting with others on socials and participating in spirits, I’m going to try and focus on more fun this time around as opposed to pushing myself to read so many books. Given I read eleven books in March five should be fine and give me room for some others.


  1. Yay! Pavo is *also* switching to Star Whisperer (which is actually harder than her studies last year as a Mage Hunter, but more in line with her as a character). And I’m *also* reading a TJ Klune book for this! Small world. 😀

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