Valentine’s Chopped Readathon

This makes a whole year since we started with the first Valentine’s Chopped Readathon and the Chopped Readathons throughout the year. I’m excited to get back to it. At the end of the year, I hoped to have another round of it but wasn’t able to. However this year we are back at it at full strength. I’ll be introducing the prompts for this round as well as the rules for anyone who isn’t familiar.

Valentine’s Appetizer

Heart Shaped Pancakes

For this prompt, we are looking for a cozy read, whatever your favorite genre is or any favorite book that you like to curl up with would fit with this prompt. Just something you would like to settle in bed or your favorite reading chair with.

Meat and Cheese Platter

For this prompt we are looking for a book with multipe points of view or with multiple authors. Like a meat and cheese platter has lots of variety we are looking for something with lots of varitey. An anthology would be a good pick for this one.

Coffee Art

For this book we are looking for the pretty covers, the book you just pick up because of the cover. It can be a cover buy or something you check out from the library, just focus on the pretty.

Valentines Dinner

Fresh Bread

For this prompt we are thinking about something that is new and fresh, that can be either a new release or a book that is fresh and new to you.


For this prompt we are looking for a book with a lush setting, this can be either a setting in reality or fantasy just something detailed that you could fall into.


Mimosas made us think of friends chatting together often featured in rom-coms and romance. So for this you need a romance book, pretty simple and fitting for the Valentines Day theme.

Valentine’s Dessert

Candy Hearts

For this prompt we are looking for a book with words on the cover, doesn’t have to be all words, as long as there is a word on the cover it fits the prompt.

Box of Chocolates

Okay so I’m riffing off Forest Gump a little here, a book with a surprise since you never know what you are going to get.


A book that gives you bubbles, any book that gives you any kind of of bubbly excicment or nerves will fit this prompt.

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