May Plans

So April felt long and short at the same time, I did lots of really cool things during the month like going on a trip out of town. And going skating for the first time since my broken ankle. I also went to a ton of independent bookstores and got to see a traveling Broadway production. I was really pleased with how the month went, but I did let some things slide particularly my reviews and the blog which I hope to do better in May.

1) Post Every on the Blog Day

I want to get back to posting ever day. Also just being with the back in touch with the with blogging community consistently. I would really want to work on vlogging but that may have to wait until I redesign my room or posting in an unconventional place like my living room and wait until my bookcases are up to have a traditional vlogging space.

2) Do more Readathons

I have really had success with readathons this month, so I’d like to do more in May, I’m already doing RoyalReadathon, and I’m looking at Desert A Thon as well. I might also do short ones to get back up to my yearly goals.

3) Read enough books in May to get back up to my goal for the year.

According to Storygraph I’m about 10 books behind where I should be so I’m going to try to read ahead a little bit to get back on track. I think I can add about at least 5 or 10 extra books to what I’m already reading.

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