Leo The Lion

So that 24 hour readathon really took a lot out of me, I think with my medicine and chronic illness it will probably be the last one for me. Too many recovery days. Getting back to our Zodiac posts our next sign is Leo, often represented by a Lion.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac (July 22 to August 23), it is a

-fixed sign

-fire sign

-ruled by the Sun

Leo Personality

Sign Positives

People born under this sign are natural born leaders with natural charm. They are dramatic self confident and extremely difficult to resist. On the positive side Leos can achieve anything in any area of life they commit to. They often have many friends and are generous and loyal people.

Self confident they are able to unite different groups toward a shared cause. They also have a great sense of humor which makes uniting people easier. People who are this sign are also warmhearted, loving to laugh and they love to have a good time. These people like to use their mind to solve complicated problems.

Sign Negatives

On the bad side they can have a dominant personality. They can easily ask for everything they need and easily unconsciously neglect the needs of those around them in their own chase for personal gain or status.

The can easily become too fond of their achievements and status setting themselves up for a downfall. They will use their anger as a protective wall to shield their vulnerabilities. They want to be perceived as unbreakable because they are scared of admitting vulnerability, needing things from other people, being incomplete.

What does this sign hate

This sign despises being bossed around. They feel very much in charge of their own worlds and destiny. Leos are perpetually wounded by perceived betrayal and abandonment. They wield their pride as a sword to wield to protect themselves. Their ingrained need to be acknowledged and validated can be can border on narcissistic.

They hate being told what to do, but if you get them to think it was their idea you can usually persuade them. This sign demands respect and they don’t take kindly to people who don’t respect them.




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