March Goals How’d I Do?

March was a pretty creative month, I didn’t work on other readathons as much as I liked because the Blind Scribe and I have got a plan for an April one in the works and there has been much planning and lots of cackling, all from me.


1) Read Everyday

I may not have read as much I would have liked in March but I did enjoy what I read. I’ve also got things requested that I want to read, I’m focusing less on numbers and more on just enjoying my reads

2) Write Everyday

I’ve finally found my place with writing in March and have started to write important scenes for my novel. I have figured out plot point that had me stumped. I’ve figured out villain motivation and some things that will collect the tears of my readers. I don’t know if its right but I started at the end and am working forward to the beginning.

3) Post Everyday

Except for a few days when I was chronic fatigued I’ve posted to the blog pretty much every day, and I’ve done pretty good to keep my posts in advance for the case that I’m tired or chronic fatigued.

4) Participate in Readathons

Well I worked on my own Readathon, does that count. I’m saying it does indeed. The Blind Scribe and I have been working away on a little Easter/Ostra adventure for all of our Chopped fan readers from last time and to all the new faces we hope to see for April. The surprises will arrive at the beginning of April leaving you plenty of time to plan for your books for the readathon the week of Easter, April 10th-17th. While this is a mini readathon don’t worry were coming back with a whole month of fun in July.

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