The Twins-Gemini

The third sign in the Zodiac we are going to address after Taurus is Gemini this summer sign that goes from May 21 to June 20. Gemini is in fact set of bright stars the brightest of which are Castor and Pollox. Castor was originally thought to be brighter but that was because of historical issues with telescopes. Pollox is indeed the brighter star, named for historical twins.

These are the though they are the two brightest stars astronomically the two are quite different from each other. This makes sense also when we think about the Gemini personality. Gemini’s often get one of the worst reputations of all the signs, there are a few others which I’ll mention when we come to them. Those different twins, can lead to people thinking Gemini are two faced. While Gemini do seem to have two personalities its not necessarily a bad thing.

Gemini are expressive and quick witted and you’ll never know which side of them you’ll face which could be tough for some people to deal with, but Gemini’s just want to see everything they are social, communicative and ready for fun, but can at the drop of a hat turn serious and contemplative even a bit restless, as though there isn’t enough time to see and do everything they want to do. They really love the world and this is where that restlessness comes from.

Some things we will talk about later Gemini is an

Air Sign (The first one we’ve encountered, we’ll do a post to go over the elements soon)


Positive sign

In the next post we will explore characters we think have Gemini traits and try and take some of the negative stigma away from this misunderstood sign.


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