The Magician

The Magician is technically the first card in Major Arcana. The Fool takes the place of 0. Since this is the first card it is as good as a place as to talk about reverse meanings. A reverse meaning is when you pull a card and it’s upside down. For example take this card if you pull it right side up its meanings are manifestation of good things, resourcefulness and power and inspired action. When the card is pulled in a reading upside down though it means manipulation, poor planning and talents you haven’t used.

Not all readers believe in reverse meanings some will simply only read the cards one way, that’s my personal way of reading. That doesn’t make it wrong or right. How you decide to read is up to you.

Examples of the Magician

More about the Magician card it’s a card you often see when you need to show the world your talents. Get out their and nail a presentation! Yeah! Find your inner Magician, present yourself for a great interview at work that’s this card at work. Now if aren’t showing the world your talents this card will keep coming round telling you to put yourself out there to try those new beginning and opportunities even if they seem scary.

This card wants you to know that you are in control and you should be ready to show the world your talents in the traditional Rider-Waite it shows a man holding up a staff reaching towards the stars this deals with the person on the card manifesting their dreams from the metaphysical realm into physical one. More modern feminist decks also evoke this imagery and they show that you can bring forward your dreams into the real world.

In the next post we will go over character who evoke this card, either main character or side characters who have Magician energy.

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