Taurus Characters

We will start off today with Taurus characters, our hardhead but hard workers. We will see them in books where they show off both their positive and negative traits the first one being:

Taurus in Dragon Fury

So I’m going to say the twins are both this sign though they show it in different ways, they are both hard workers, one kept up Artime during the Frida Stubbs issue, the other had to deal with imprisonment.

Both have girls value honesty and neither will change their mind unless they really have a change of heart. I think we’ve seen this in Thisbe’s ability to hold a grudge. They are both great leaders in different ways so they fit they idea of being the calm in the storm and staying clearheaded and logical.

I think we’ve seen the Taurus trait of having an issue with being critiqued particularly in Fifer. I’m not sure that the other twins weren’t born under this sign as well but I’d have to go back and look, what is for sure is that the girl a great leaders with a stubborn streak.

Amazon: Dragon Fury

The Dragon Egg Princess

Jiho from A Dragon Egg Princess shows more of the negative traits of a Taurus until the book gets going Jiho is stuck is his routine afraid of losing what little stability he has with his family. He is also holding a grudge against his father and the forest.

He blames the forest for making his father disappear. Before the chance of money to help his family appears he is not willing to be moved. He will not go in the forest. Once he is in the forest though he shows the Taurus qualities of leadership and and clearheaded logical thinking.

Amazon: The Dragon Egg Princess

Revenge of Magic

Fort is a Taurus he is a good leader with calm logical thinking. But he can also be stubborn and set in his ways and he refuses to give up on rescuing his father once he knows the possibility exist. He has a hard time listening to other people when he thinks his way is best, has that put the world in trouble, I don’t know. I haven’t gotten that far in the series yet, but he’s very determined in what he wants and not likely to stop even if it’s the best thing for the group.

Can you think of any other literary Tauruses? Let us know who you think might fit in the comments!

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