The Bull-Taurus

Coming back to Zodiac signs the next sign after Aries is Taurus This sign is often associated with the bull. It is the second astronomical sign in the modern western Zodiac. A Taurus is someone who was born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus is a smart, ambitious, and trustworthy sign.

While they have a reputation for being stubborn leads to the bull image while what they really value is honesty, they are willing to change their opinion but not just for others only when they truly have a change of heart. They are also hard workers not afraid to pull up their sleeves and throw in their share of work to get the job done.

Also some things we are going to note but that we won’t discuss till later

Taurus is a

-Fixed Sign

-Earth Sign

-Negative Sign

While we will discuss these in future posts, now more about the Taurus personality

About Taurus

The Taurus: The Bull Personality

Tauruses are normally content with the way things are. They love stability. An oasis of calm, or a rock of dependability when things are falling apart arounds them. People of this sign tend to focus on practical knowledge and experience.

Tauruses are focused on the world around them, and tend to be grounded and logical, they are big fans of routine and their own comfort. This sign likes to be in control and any materialism is an extension of their own stability. Otherwise they are patient and steady.

Once they get into a routine it’s difficult for them to break. They prefer things to be predictable. To the point of eating the same meal or wearing the same outfit over and over and over. They like to discover what they have fun doing then keep doing over and over again.

Tauruses like to work, and while they can be stubborn, bull headed and set in their ways they are also great listeners and very dependable. They are great workers in the fact they they will see a problem through till it is finished

Negative Traits

Tauruses have a tough time with criticism. Not that they react negatively more like they are apathetic and it has no effect.

This sign is stubborn thus its sign, the bull. You will not make a Taurus do something they do not want to do. They are slow to change their minds because it threatens their sense of stability. Becoming so set in a routine can cause them to lose sight of what matters and they become emotionally and physically lazy.

Being stubborn and obstinate means that they have a hard time listening to other people.

Overall this sign is strong and a great helper but can have it’s stubborn moments. Tomorrow we will discuss characters who fit this sign.


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