Booster Needed

Chopped Readathon Easter needs a booster to help us out! As you may know The Blind Scribe and I are back for Easter Mini Readathon to do a little week long Seek and Find Challenge. Now here is where I ask for a little help from you, we would love for someone to interview us about the challenge so we can reach a wider audience.

I’m sure at this point you have some questions so I’ll answer a few of the most common ones.

What’s this challenge about?

This is basically an egg hunt, The Blind Scribe is drawing a picture with all eggs, we will be releasing the prompts leading up to the readathon. We aren’t going to about meals this times since eggs are their own little meals in themselves. The Readathon goes from April 10th to the 17th ending on Easter.

What can the booster expect?

Some classic Easter favorites along with a few unexpected fun things. We have a cute picture planned out as well as some unique prompts that will give you a week of fun leading up to Easter.

The Prizes

We will send 25 US to our US winner and twenty to our international winner. There may also be cute postcards with stickers apparently it’s not a thing so much internationally but in the US we’re going to send Easter candy.

For The Booster

The Booster will get honored during the Readathon they will also depending on their viewership number will get an Amazon gift card of some denomination.

Please send me a email @ or contact me on Twitter if interested in helping us out. Thanks from me and the Blind Scribe

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