Tarot: A brief explanation

So tarot is a broad topic. We are going to stick to the basics for now until we get reason to go deeper into the topic, which knowing what I’m planning to do for these post we probably will lol.

Major Arcana in Tarot

The cards are separated into two different types. The whole deck consists of 78 cards, when you are doing a tarot reading most readers use the whole deck. Though every reader is different. The difference then between Major and Minor Arcana is their gravitas Major Arcana card of which there are 21 number (1 unumbered The Fool). The Major Arcana represent the major life choices and teacher and influences coming into our lives if you see a Major Arcana card in your reading pay attention because the universe is trying to tell you something.

Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana deal with the the large tribulations in life the Minor Arca na deal with our day to day issues, things from a stubbed toe to traffic, these are the cards you will see if you’re going to be reading a lot. They will come up from day to day as you deal with your problems. They are place into four courts or houses, cups, swords or knives, wands, and pentacles or coins. In this way the minor arcana is set up like a deck of regular playing cards. They are numbered from 1 to King. The court cards are usually associated with some person coming into your life.

Getting a Reading

It is best when you are getting a reading to have a specific question in mind even if you are being read virtually the reader can focus on that question when they do their reading.

It’s also good to charge your cards and keep them in a place with positive energy, if you’re not familiar with charging we’ll do a post on that in the future. But popular methods include letting them charge under the full moon also protecting them in silk or some kind of nice bag.

Soon we will go over the first card of the Major Arcana: The Fool. This card has a deceptive name but we’ll go more into that in our next post.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll soon be comparing some bookish characters to the Fool.

A good resource to look at for basic information is Biddy Tarot

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