Bookish Aries Sign

Yesterday we talked about some of the traits of Aries, today we are going to look to books where I think one of the main characters is an share the sign Aries\

Shane from The Bone Spindle

If Aries isn’t Shane’s sun sign, I’m not sure what she it is Shane isn’t an Aries I’m not sure who is. She is impulsive, check, courageous, check, full of energy check, and often ending up in trouble because of they end up chasing after something to keep them their adventure going, sorry Shane one word Red, double check. We will go over the whole casts Zodiac profiles so fans of Fi and Briar Roses no worries they’ll get analyzed too!

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Esme, from the Counterclockwise Heart

Esme is totally an Aries when she first gets to the Hinterland she is showing of the sign more negative qualities being impulsive and impatient and just wanting to get her task done this cost her rather heavily though as it often does for Aries characters. Eventually her need to be competitive and take charge are tempered by love for the region and people around her but she’s still commanding and that helps in the end.

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Clementine from The Dark Lord Clementine

Clementine is an Aries in hiding at the beginning of the book because she is so scared of her father but as she grows more confident she begins to to let her Aries traits out more she takes charge with her friends protecting the mountain. She’s adventurous when it comes to lady who gives swords. I think her father might be an Aries as well but I think she is much more aware of the negative traits. I like to think of the end of the book when she goes off on the adventure she’s not too worried about she’s going and is simply focused on adventure

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