Candles as Books: Scents

So I’m on a bit of a candle kick lately. Ring candles regular candles, all sorts of scents. I know there are bookish candles and that’s my next order of business, getting some of those, however I like to imagine what the different scents from the books might be.

Pizza: American as Panner Pie

Who would want a Pizza candle you say? I don’t know, I think some people would pizza is more than just a scent in this book. It’s about the heart of being yourself and the heart of others coming to understand you. Notes would include cheese and paneer.

Amazon: American as Paneer Pie

Cotton Candy: Foreverland

This independent book is about the wonder of an amusement park, but not being able to run away from your problems forever. Notes would include sugar, and excitement.

Amazon: Foreverland

Ocean: The Sea In Winter

In this book the main character has an injury she’s dealing with but doesn’t want to admit how much it is hurting her eventually she realizes she needs to lean on her family and community for support. There are notes of a warm bonfire, sand, and the sea.

Amazon: The Sea in Winter

Frybread: Ancestor Approved

This candle is the scent of community but specifically the frybread stand warm and tasty its like one of those bakery candles that makes you hungry except that its savory.

Amazon: Ancestor Approved

Algae: Dark Waters

This is the kind of candle you’d only find by the sea, but maybe as a joke candle on the ack of the shelf it smells faintly of the bottom of a lake. There are note of fish and rot.

Amazon: Dark Waters

Roses: The Bone Spindle

This candle smells like roses but there is something more, it’s like roses preserved in glass and there are hints of dust too.

Amazon: The Bone Spindle

Biryani Rice: Salaam, With Love

This is another special candle, though it comes out all year there is always a special Ramadan special edition that comes out every year that manages to smell extra good. There are hints of spice and love. There is also a special surprise at the bottom of this candle.

Amazon: Salaam with Love

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