Cookies as Books-Girl Scout Cookie Flavors

It’s that time of year again. I for one can’t resist the appeal of helping an organization that helps girls and trans youth grow and become fantastic young people but it doesn’t hurt that they have cookies. I have to get my Peanut Butter Patties and maybe a few Thin Mints, but not everyone loves these flavors and everyone has a flavor. So I’d thought I’d represent a few of the cookies as books.


New to the block yet full of life this sweet cookie deserves an equally sweet book.

The Forgotten Five Map of Flames

Amazon: The Forgotten Five: Map of Flames

Carmel Chocolate Chip

This is an old favorite a comfort read

The Fellowship of the Ring I chose this book because it’s a book I try to read every year hence the old favorite, and the caramel making it a bit of adventure.

Amazon: The Fellowship of the Ring


A little tropical because of the coconut-a little sweet because of chocolate

The book I chose for this prompt was Ophelia After All because it was a sweet book about the protagonist learning about love relating to others and herself.

Girl Scout Smores

This cookie represents friendship and I wanted to pick a book where friendship was the central theme.

The Winterbourne Home for Vengeance and Valor

This is set in a creepy mansion where a bunch of friends must solve a mystery. At first the protagonist doesn’t want friends but slowly warms up to those around her as they help with the slowly unfolding mystery.

Thin Mints

One of our classics this is chocolate with a hint of a surprise

The Storyteller- I picked this book because the protagnist believes her great aunt to be Anastasia and however the book turns out she’ll get a surprise. I also picked it because it’s chocolate and her aunt would have possibly come from a rich background like and chocolate is rich.

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