Ankles and Self Doubt

I felt like I should explain my absence yesterday. It was the anniversary of my shattering my ankle last year, which has still has had lasting effects. Keep your ankles safe be careful on the stairs. They are no fun to break. I still can’t bake and or go skating or do many other things I dreamed of doing COVID, if I have to be stuck inside during COVID, and we are following hard COVID protocols. So activities at home are pretty much all my activities. So I’ve been a bit bitter about it not getting to do what I want. But I’ve got a lot of good things coming my life especially my readathon with co-host The Blind Scribe which we will be announcing next week, expect great things.

But the truth was I was pouting an accident with chronic illnesses just didn’t seem fair. But the truth of the matter is it probably helped get me my disability. I’m also waiting for my disability backpay money to come through so I can move out. There are just lots of things I can’t do here like I want to set up a vlogging studio in my new place and start vlogging and of course that dream bookshelf room from IG.

I guess I’m just feeling stuck, but I need to make sure that doesn’t impact my reading and my blogging, that’s why I’m planning to be here every day. I know I need self care, but I also need consistency. I’m going to dive more into my blogging work.

And hey at least it was not both ankles and I’m mostly done re-relearning to walk again. I’ve also got therapy coming up for my back where they think I might have nerve damage and my leg where I’m still not walking perfectly.

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