January Goals

You’ve already heard my goals for the year at large. But now I’m going to focus on my January goals.

Read 10 books in January

I’ve been having pretty bad migraines so not sure if I’m going to get this one done but I’m going to try it will keep me on track to read 125 for the year.

Keep Posting Regularly

I’ve been doing well with this so far, so I hoping I can keep it up.

Work on things for my readathon

Start planning for the Chopped Readathon I’m hosting in February. I need to start dropping clues and decide on the prompts with my co-host. Then at the end of the month I’ll put up sign ups.

Spend January planning out my readathons for the year.

I know I want to do plenty of readathons this year but I want to get a handle on when they are so I can get a handle on how busy each month will be. I think this will help me plan what I’m reading for the year and see if I need to order any books in advance.

Organize and clean out the categories on my blog

I’ve haven’t really updated some of the categories and tags in awhile so I want to get the blog better organized. Some of the tags don’t apply anymore, same with some of the categories and there are some tags and categories that I need to add, so it’s mostly a clean up job but I really just didn’t feel like tackling it last year, this year I’m going to take it in small pieces.

So what are your January goals? Have anything in mind for this month you’ve been putting off? The last two items are ones I’ve really needed to do for awhile but just haven’t had the mental space for.

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