Stats for 2021

Happy New Year! In yesterday post I wrote about my ups and downs from lasts year, here I though you might want to see my stats from my reading chart done by the wonderful Reader Voracious.

Here you can find some information about my books:

Here you can find some information about my blog

As you can see I most read contempary middle grade. I also read some YA fantasy and some graphic novels, I also read a lot of other really cool stuff especially horror, which you see made a dent in the stats as it was one of my categories after my big three.

Unfortunately my reading seemed to go in a reserve curve this year. I was doing really well of December of last year and really well of December of this year. But things fell down in the middle. Which is the reverse of what I want to be happening with my reading. I will say that I had lots of extenuating circumstances this past year.

I shattered my ankle in January and had to be off it for three months and am still recovering from the effects of all of that medical drama. It definitely affected my reading stats for the year, that’s no excuse just the way it is. This year I ended up having to read a lot of books at the end of the year to get to my goal of 100. I want to read more consistently across the year so I’m not rushing at the end of the year. I’m mean I’ll probably still be rushing a little but still I’d like to have a monthly goal to meet ever month and meet it.

I think what I learned most from these stats is consistency and my lack of it last year, this year I’m going to try and be more consistent with reading and posting. That going to be a high level goal.

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