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For those who don’t know I’m a huge fan of cooking shows, that’s usually what’s in the background when I’m writing the blog. One of my favorites is Chopped, for those of you not familiar with Chopped four chefs get baskets with four ingredients, these ingredients are usually a little oddball and the chefs have to make a cohesive dish to impress three judges

Now I thought I’d apply that to books, there are three rounds in Chopped. Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert. Can you bring through four different books to make a cohesive reading experience?


Needs to be light but still impress the judges.

Light Book: A Book under 300 pages

Protein: This section of books still needs to have some impact. A book that hit you in the heart or a meaty book.

Vegetable: A book that was on your TBR.

Wild Card: An book that surprised you or was unique.


Has to be meatier to get you to the dessert round

Protein: Another book that was either long or hard hitting.

Vegetable: Something healthy, you reading something off your TBR.

Starch: A comfort read or something that had a found family.

Durian: A book that was tough to work with.


Sugar: A sweet book

Flour: A hearty book.

Berries: A book about nature

Candy Canes: Something you’ve had to wait all year for.

I’m going to fill this out tomorrow. I was also wondering if people would be interested in this a a readathon. Please comment if you think it would be a decent idea for a readathon or something you’d be interested in, I’d do the readathon on a theme most likely. But I think there is a lot of material to work with here so I think it would be worth a try.

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