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Personal Check In

Hello all, I just wanted to share what was going on in my personal life. My reading is going well, I only have 10 books to go till 100 which was my goal for the year, so I’m totally going to be able to get there. So that’s exciting. I also hit 500 posts for the blog so I’m feeling pretty accomplished with reading and blogging.

However remember how I shattered my ankle back in January? It’s now inflamed so I have to take a steroid. (Yuck!) and keep it elevated and rest it. The rest and elevation isn’t that hard. I’ve had to do a lot of that before when I was recovering. But this steroid is making me feel pretty gross. So I’m going to get lost in books and Christmas movies, if I miss a day of posting this is why.

The steroid so far has left me very tired a hot and cold, so kind of like having a cold. Then I got an injection of gel in my ankle to help my pain their but the injection itself is still making my foot hurt so I have to stay off of it for awhile. Maybe I’ll get more blog posts done while I have to be down.

I got myself an early Christmas present and pre-ordered Pokemon Legends: Arceus and got a copy of Wythwood for my indie collection. I’m also planning on ordering Horizon Forbidden West after I finish the original game.

I’m working on my own personal readathon as well as the Reindeer Readathon, and I’ve made it through several of the prompts each so I feel good there. So while I’m a little sick I’m doing the best I can with all the things I’ve wanted to do this month.

How about you? How are you doing?


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