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We all know I love book memes, blogs, tags and quizzes. Or at least you all should if you’ve stuck around this long.

1. “All I Want For Christmas Is You…” | What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree? I’d really like to see some more of the Keeper of the Lost Cities Books as I’m trying to collect them all. But I’d also like to see some of the books I’ve read this year, especially some the arcs.

2. “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time…” | What book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most? It’s a tie between Sweet and Bitter Magic and Vespertine. I know I shouldn’t say it’s a tie but they are seriously right there. One I enjoyed because of the sweetness of the story, and the other I enjoyed just because of the characters and the powerful story.

3. Elf – What book unleashes your inner child? The Tea Dragon Tapestry, I feel caught up in the illustrations every time I read it. They feel very childlike and happy even though they deal with serious topic, so I always feel relaxed when reading them.

4. “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” – Which book has most festive look to it? The Christmas Witch, I loved it’s a picture book and the front illustration is stunning

5. The Holiday – Name your favorite TWO couples… The couple from Sweet and Bitter Magic and the couple from Luminous. Both fit together perfectly for different reasons and helped each other accomplish their quests while still retaining their own individual autonomy .

6. What book would you like to give as a present to your followers? Starfish by Lisa Fipps, just because it’s the first fat positive middle grade book that I’ve ever seen and that I think everyone needs to read.

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