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Where I am it’s dropping 20 degrees tonight, so I’m spending the afternoon (after I finish) this blog putting up the Christmas tree, pictures later of course, and enjoying a warm winter beverage. Do any books remind you of your favorite winter beverages? Here are a few of mine

Hot Chocolate

Warm and sweet with whipped cream this books and beverages is sweet through and through, but it keeps you warm on a winter night and reminds you of blankets and maybe your childhood, if not at least cookies. The book that was my hot chocolate book this year was Much Ado About Baseball, even though the snacks were salty the book was every bit as sweet as it’s sister book. As if Rajani LaRocca doesn’t know I’m a fan by now, all the protagonists in her books are sweet, even the antagonists are just a little mischievous. They are after all what they are and that is to be expected.

Amazon: Much Ado About Baseball


Kinda sweet but a little spicy at the end? I’ve never much like eggnog but I feel like I had to include it because it’s a classic. Beverages and books like this a sweet but feisty, the book that reminds me of eggnog is Give and Take by Elly Swartz, the protagonist is a sweet girl working with her mental illness but she’s got a feisty streak that won’t let anything keep her down.

Amazon: Give and Take

Apple Tea

This may be a weird one that’s just me, but when I went to college as an undergrad, the Starbuck on campus in fall/winter always had this apple tea that was great to keep you going between classes it was a little cinnamony but mostly sweet and a little tart, anyway it kept me going. And the book that kept me going this year was This Mortal Coil Trilogy. I loved the story it was a whole new take on a genre and talked about what it meant to be human.

Amazon: This Mortal Coil

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