Cozy Books for Winter

It’s that time of year. Fluffy pajamas and a fire in the fire place. Or on the TV. Even if winter is 65 degrees it’s starting to feel festive and you want to curl up with a drink and good cozy book. Here are some of my favorite for general coziness at this time a year.

Anything by K.O’Neil

These books are built for cozy. You feel like you are sitting down to tea with the characters or swimming in the ocean to explore new creatures under the sea. The art style is relaxing the content is relaxing. Sit me down with a K. O’Neil book and a cup of tea and it’s a find way to spend a winter evening.

Amazon: The Tea Dragon Tapestry

Sweet and Bitter Magic

Sweet & Bitter Magic by [Adrienne Tooley]

This by far gets the award for sweetest cozy book this year, I’d love to curl up and read it again. There is magic, lesbians and a sweet story of forgiveness. I might just have to give this a re-read during the holiday season.

Amazon: Sweet and Bitter Magic

Finding Junie Kim

Finding Junie Kim by [Ellen Oh]

While this book shows images of war and the horrors associated with it. The cozy part comes in because of the Junie’s time with her grandparents and family. It’s one of the sweetest most tight knit families I read about all year long.

Amazon: Finding Junie Kim

A Kind of Spark

Maybe this one was just cozy for me because I’m autistic, and it had two maybe three neurodivergent characters and it was written by a neurodivergent author, so the character’s head felt very cozy to settle into even though the there was some serious subject matter dealt with in the book.

Amazon: A Kind of Spark

These were some of my favorite cozy books that I’ve read this year. Hopefully I’ll find some more in December to add to the list. What about you, any cozy reads you are ready to settle down with this winter?

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