Reflection: November Reads

November was an incredibly successful month. In doing a reflection, I read 16 books last month. This is personal record for me in terms of books read per month. I’m heading in the right direction for hitting 100 books this year. I’ll highlight some of my favorite books below with a short description for each.

This was a great book about a girl in an unsafe situation trying to find her escape through makeup. Wren is a smart protagonist who slowly learns to trust and solve problems by opening herself up to other.

Amazon: Violets are Blue

Luminous by [Mara Rutherford]

This was lush fantasy about a girl with unique magic powers, it was always relaxing to sit in this fantasy world with a girl filled with light, magic tapestries and a very well written villain.

Amazon: Luminous

Vespertine by [Margaret Rogerson]

Vespertine was one of my favorite reads of the month. Artemisia would rather just spend her life in quiet reflection at her nunnery as a Grey Sister. Unfortunately when her home is attacked she must team up with a ancient spirit to solve a dangerous mystery.

Amazon: Vespertine

The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy by [Anne Ursu]

The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy is a great book about men controlling women’s right’s. Maya Lupu is sent to an academy for troubled girls after she ruins her brother’s sorcery test. But the Academy though may not be everything it seems and Maya may have to fight to stay alive and in charge of her own fate.

Amazon: Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

Dead City by [James Ponti]

So people may know James Ponti for his City Spies series but I found that while I love City Spies, I really loved his zombie series Dead City, it’s a great middle grade take of zombie hunting and changes the whole rules of the zombie genre. It has a great cast of characters both living and undead.

Amazon: Dead City

These were just a few favorites of the 16 books I read this month. I will be posting a lot of holiday content this month so expect to see more reviews coming back in January.

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