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I found the Christmas Stocking Tag on Reading through Infinity last year and thought I’d and thought I’d try it again. The Christmas Stocking Challenge is a pretty easy tag especially if you’ve been tracking your books for the year which you totally should via Kal @ Reader Voracious’ wonderful spreadsheet which I’ve used for the past two years and you can find here.


  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Link to me, as I’d love to read your answers
  • Answer all 10 questions, choosing books for each theme
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An orange! Which book is refreshing and vibrant, both inside and out?


Starfish by [Lisa Fipps]

This book had to make the Christmas Stocking Tag List this book let me feeling refreshed because it was one of first children’s books I’ve seen where the characters are being fat positive. So it’s my refreshing book.

The next thing you see is a bag of chocolate coins. (Yum) Which book have you recently bought that was a little expensive, but totally worth the price?


Steelstriker (Skyhunter Duology Book 2) by [Marie Lu]

I did the pre-order for the pretty extra art gift. So I spluged a little with this book but the quality art I got in return was totally worth it.

You also pull out a bath bomb. Tell us about a book that had explosive action scenes.


Vespertine by [Margaret Rogerson]

Vespertine totally won the action award for the Christmas Stocking Tag this year I won’t spoil anything but there are some awesome action scenes.

Next is a pack of playing cards. Which series won you over?

The Revenge of Magic Series

Normally I’m not a huge fan of a male protagonist but the action and the world in general won me over in the end. I also especially liked some of the side characters.

You also get a candle. Which character is a symbol of hope in their story?

Five Things About Ava Andrews

Five Things About Ava Andrews by [Margaret Dilloway]

Ava becomes a symbol of hope not only to herself but to her whole community when she learns how to speak up. I really think she fits this prompt very well.

There are socks inside too. Is there a book that you think really encompasses all the distinctive tropes of its genre?

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

The Tea Dragon Tapestry (The Tea Dragon Series Book 3) by [K. O'Neill]

I think K. O’Neill’s works show the the best parts of the graphic novel genre, from their content to their illustration they really are at the top and show off the best qualities of what a graphic novel can be.

There’s also a notebook. Which author’s writing process do you find most interesting/inspiring?

I’m very interested in Marieke Nijkamp, Rajani LaRocca, and Katherine Arden think and write. Also I want the answers to some cliffhangers they’ve left me!

To go with the notebook, there’s a fancy pen. Is there a book or a series that you’d change if you’d written it yourself?

The Brave by [James Bird]

The Brave by James Bird is the book that has the lowest ranking this year. However it’s because it was criticized by other Indigenous people like the author. I’m definitely not the one to change it however if it were to be changed I think someone with better knowledge of the culture represented to should be the one to do it.

There’s also a small bedside clock. Which book took you a long time to pick up but was worth it in the end?

The Dragon Egg Princess

The Dragon Egg Princess by [Ellen Oh]

I put it down a couple of times but I eventually finished it and it was a great read.

Your pile is getting really big. You reach in to pull out the last gift and it’s… a lump of coal? You’re a little disappointed. But you look closer and realise there’s a seam running through the coal. You crack it open and sitting inside is a tiny golden gem. Tell us about a book that surprised you in some way.

The Infinity Courts

The Infinity Courts by [Akemi Dawn Bowman]

This book surprised me in a lot of ways. I thought it was just going to be another YA I wouldn’t like. But it had so many surprising twists and turns it ended up being one of my favorite book of the year and I can’t wait for the sequel. (April 2022 for those wondering). It’s definitely a five star read and I’d totally recommend.

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