December Goals

Try to finish 100 books

I’m trying to hit 100, I’m at 78 as of the writing of the writing of this post. So that’s 22 books for December. I’ve read 9 books this month, so I don’t think I’m going to make it, however I have to try. Plus I have my 12 Days of Christmas Readathon plus the Reindeer readathon to direct my reading, plus some other readathons will probably pop up that I will join as well. So maybe? Hopefully? If I turn into a book goblin.

Post Regularly

I’ve been good about posting later in the month, but the the first part of the month I tend to neglect. I need to do better about this not only because I have content to post, but because it will help my website numbers. Maybe I should do more posting in advance at the end of the month. For example this November I’m going to try and post of the beginning on December.

Work on my readathons

I’d like to at least finish my readathon and maybe the Reindeer Readathon. I’m probably going to try and somewhat participate in a few others but those two will be my main focus.

Start making plans for the new year

I’m going to spend December thinking about what I what Readathons I want to do in the new year and my reading goals for next year. I’m thinking 100 books next year but could I go 125, can I be one of those people in a few years who reads 200-250 books a year. Can I be a super reader? Does anyone read that much and have tips.

I’m also thinking about Booktube, I’m still not sure if anyone would be interested though, or whether I should wait until I have a better set up for books. I want to get back on Instagram in the new year when I move and have a better set up.

Overall those are my goals for the end of the year, I’m really looking forward to December as it is one of my favorite months of the year and I can’t wait to see what I end up reading.

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