Success and Readathons

So I know I’ve talked about my issues with getting disability on here. The journey has been long and annoying but I’m finally at the point where I’m going to be getting money next month. I so glad I finally got a some success. I may stay with my parents for awhile to raise money for my eventual new house, or I may move out sooner, we’re looking to see what’s best for everyone.

I’ve been getting a chance to read more I’m enjoying new releases like You’ve Reached Sam and Luminous among other as well as reading many graphic novels and plenty of books for IndigAThon. So I’ve glad I’ve had success in my readathons.

I’ve been able to add some books to the Pokemon A Thon, Desert a Thon Royal Readathon and Indig A Thon. I may not hit my goal of 100 books this year but I think I’ll beat what I read last year and considering I broke my foot and was out of reading and blogging for a few months I consider that a success.

Anyway expect to see reviews for the books I’m reading for these readathons.

When I’m not reading I’ve been playing Scarlet Nexus, a game for the PS5 I’m not sure if I told you guys but I had some success on my birthday and scored the PS5, I wanted to get one early even though there aren’t many games out now because I expect there to be a TON of games coming out in 2022. I know I’m going to get the new Horizon Zero Dawn game. And I know DragonAge 4 is coming out at some point. I also want to buy Maiden of the Black Water. This is not including all the Switch games I need like the new Pokemon game in the new year.

In review I’m having lots of success as we head into the holiday season and hope to continue at this pace till the end of the year.

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