Pokemon A Thon

I know all my followers out there are going like really how many readathons are they going to join this month. The answer is more, and the reasoning is some of the books cross count, and I just found this one today and we all hopefully remember my Pokemon series and it was the last day of registration. Yeah I wasn’t going to turn it down.

Anyway here are the rules. The readathon started the first and runs through the 18th. You pick a Team.

I’ve decided on the Piplup/Water team. I used Piplup a lot when I was playing Pokemon cards so they have always been a favorite of mine even though I usually choose grass starters. Anyway there are several ways to gain points the challenge.

They have their main prompts which are gym badges like the ones from the series. I’ll post them below, instead of going by points they go by Pokeballs. and lucky for me you can double up which I like with a Readathon.

They also have a bonus animal prompt where if an animal is involved in the book you get extra points, this prompt can be reused as many times times as possible for all the books. Their other prompt is specifically about each team and the titles having relating aspects, For example since I was on the Water Team, and I read Violets are Blue I was able to count the blue in the title as an extra.

I think I’m going to have fun with this though I’m sorry I’m late to the party as you guys know how much I love all things Pokemon. I’m having a lot of fun with a couple YAs that will fit the bill for a lot of these badge and a few middle grades and comics that will fit the bill for the animal sidekick bonus prompt.

Expect another TBR but a lot of my same books will be featured on this readathon, because I mean I’m going to try to read 15 books this month but holiday mania is starting to get to me.

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