Completed? How My October Goals Went

Did I get my goals completed, have I actually done any work this month? Was I really just on Twitter the whole month? Lets look at the goals for the month and see how much I was working and how much I was doom scrolling.

1) Try to get my reading up again.

Well this wasn’t where I thought it was because of me waiting on and worrying about my disability claims, I DNF a few things so I’m never sure whether to count them. The next thing I have to worry about getting complete is my growing TBR from NetGalley.

2) Post twice a week.

I wasn’t good at posting the first half of the month, honestly due to worries about another disability hearing and trying to get paperwork together. But now that I’ve gotten back to it I feel much more dialed in to the book twitter community and am ready to do Readathons for November.

3) Post more of my old reviews

This I’ve been good about doing I’ve gotten at least 5 reviews up and am currently getting more reviews as we speak. This has been a pretty easy task and I keep planning to be diligent about this as I still have plenty of books I need to review, hopefully I’ll complete this next month.

4) Get metrics up on the website

This one I just need to post and post consistently and the metrics will fall in. I think I’ll see this working out if I keep myself posting regularly through November, then I’ll see it in my November numbers.

So was it good month? Yes and no. I had some real life stuff that overshadowed the blog, so I couldn’t really help that. I sort of fell like I’ve missed the past few months for worrying about how disability is going to turn out. But things are looking in the right direction and hopefully things will be decided soon and I can enjoy the holidays. Disability stuff completed and behind me.

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