Samhain Coming Up

Happy early Samhain/Halloween/whatever you celebrate on the 31 or Nov 1. I have spent the last week looking for files for the government that the government already had, so it was a week. I haven’t gotten hardly anything read during October due to worrying and things being up in the air about disability.

However I’m trying to relax a little before Samhain, embrace the spirit of a new year. Enjoy the spooky a bit and the changing of changing of seasons. It’s finally starting to get nice here so we have the windows open and I can enjoy the outdoors a little bit for the first time really this year.

I plan to try to be more productive in November, I’m doing two readathons, and am always willing to add another. I think I do best when I’m on a schedule. A this time I’m doing IndigAThon who’s present on Instagram, and Royal Readathon-Fairies.

I’m working on the TBR’s for both of these readathons right now and they should be up the first week of November. I excited to fulfill some of the challenges and there is some crossover, so that makes things easier.

The only problem with IndigAThon is I’ve read some of the great Native books this year already, but you can never read too much indigenous literature. And it also point out that it’s important to read Native stories all year long not just the month put out for people to think about them.

When I haven’t been preparing for Samhain or trying to get paperwork for the government I’ve been enjoying my PS5’s right now I’m playing Scarlet Nexus. I’ve never played a Bandi game before, but I like the battle system and the character’s powers. I’m also going to get play back to where I was with Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn to get ready for the February new release of the next part of the Horizon story.

Readathon Challenges


Royal Readathon

Hope I to be up on the blog more than usual this week. I can’t wait to have time for seriously focusing on the blog. Hope ya’ll are having a good week


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