Tea Dragon Tapestry Review

The whole Tea Dragon Series is a beautiful tale of love and friendship, so it would only make sense that its ending volume would be the same. The finale of the series shows the growth of the characters from the first book, and brings in old friends so we can enjoy seeing them again.

The Tea Dragon Tapestry


Over a year since being entrusted with Ginseng’s care, Greta still can’t chase away the cloud of mourning that hangs over the timid Tea Dragon. As she struggles to create something spectacular enough to impress a master blacksmith in search of an apprentice, she questions the true meaning of crafting, and the true meaning of caring for someone in grief. Meanwhile, Minette receives a surprise package from the monastery where she was once training to be a prophetess. Thrown into confusion about her path in life, the shy and reserved Minette finds that the more she opens her heart to others, the more clearly she can see what was always inside.

Told with the same care and charm as the previous installments of the Tea Dragon series, The Tea Dragon Tapestry welcomes old friends and new into a heartfelt story of purpose, love, and growth.

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K. O’Neil

K. O’Neill is an Eisner and Harvey Award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist from New Zealand. They are the author of Princess Princess Ever AfterAquicorn Cove, The Tea Dragon seriesand Dewdrop, all from Oni Press. Their books reflect their interest in tea, creatures, things that grow, and the magic of everyday life. Also look at the way O’Neil’s art style has improved since the first book isn’t this beautiful.


This book was just a joy to read. I read it quickly. O’Neil’s books are always like pieces of candy something you finish quickly and is beautiful and shiny. But in another way they are like a cup of tea, you have to read it again and go back for a second slow look at all the details you missed. The plot itself was great Minette dealt with her past in a way she’s been needing to since book 1 and Greta found some confidence in herself she’s been needing since book one. Also I loved the surprise visitors and their relation with everyone. Overall, this book was great but then again I’m a huge K. O’Neil fan so I may be biased. I can’t wait to see more of their work.


  1. Oh this looks so lovely! Also I love the header image of the tea set: I just watched an episode of the Babysitter’s Club where Claudia learns to make tea the traditional Japanese way, and the tea sets are so beautiful.

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