Halloween Readathon

I’ve been looking for book challenge for October but haven’t found many I like, you would think spoopy challenges would abound in one of the book worlds favorite months. And while you’re right I just haven’t found ones that I like, maybe I’m burned out from past challenges. But now I’ve finally found something to do for Halloween, as well as another challenge I’ll announce soon.

1. Trick or Treat!

Our first interactive prompt! We want you to toss a coin for this one; (pumpkin) heads means it’s time to pick up a book that has recently joined your lair, whereas (forked) tails means you have to dig up the unread book that’s been haunting your shelves the longest. 

2. Read a book with white on the cover!

Nothing fills me with dread more than a white cover, as someone who tries to keep their books nice and clean. But we were also thinking of ghosts and ghouls, bare bones and the cool quiet moon on a cloudless night. Pick a book with a white cover, spooky or not, to fill this prompt.

3. Read two books!

Three days, two books, one weekend!

Keep an eye out for updates by following the @Hallowreadathon twitter, and heads over to Imogen’s blog for her announcement too. Most of all, remember to keep some reading time free on the Halloween weekend 29th – 31st . I really hope you can join us this year – let me know if you post a TBR, I’d love to see it!

This seems like an easy Halloween challenge to fill the prompts, other challenges seem more complex. And I might try a few of those but I wanted something I could complete and get me out of my reading slump. I want to enjoy some spooky books without too much pressure on me this part of the year. So I’ll be doing this challenge and let you know if I find any others that I think I’ll enjoy. I’ll put up a TBR for this challenge soon!

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